"> Self Care Spotlight- A Super Simple Morning Routine Any Busy Person

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self care spotlight

Self Care Spotlight- A Super Simple Morning Routine Any Busy Person Can Follow

Self Care Spotlight- A Super Simple Morning Routine Any Busy Person Can Follow
Morning cuddles when Noah was a newborn.

Are you a Morning Routine person?

I’m such a morning person. I’m one of those annoying people who love the clean slate feeling of the morning, the fresh beginning, and the excitement of new possibilities. As a busy mom of two, I don’t have much time to have an extensive routine. My kiddos are my alarm, and my eldest jumps in my bed every morning between 5 and 7 am for morning cuddles. Even though it’s soo early and I wish it was a bit later, it’s still one of my favorite parts of the day.

Daddy loves morning cuddles too.

After Morning Routine cuddles…

Once we are out of bed, the only three things I make sure I do every morning are simple:

  1. Coffee
  2. Pop open a window or step outside and slowly deep breathe fresh air
  3. Ask Alexa to play some soothing music- “Alexa, play songs like ‘Claire de Lun.’

A sensory focused simple routine

As someone who is pleasure-centric, it’s nice to wake up and do these simple, energizing sensory activities- the feel of heat for my hands from the hot mug, the smell of coffee for my nose, the taste of coffee for my taste buds, the sound of soothing music for my ears, the sight of towering pines for my eyes, and the feel of air entering my body. The deep breathing gets oxygen flowing through my body. (It helps that we live in the PNW and when I step outside, I’m surrounded by pines and greenery everywhere. This might not be as productive if you live in the middle of the city, but find the best view you can.)

There’s something about starting the day breathing in fresh, cool air and listening to soothing music while holding onto a hot cup of joe. It’s a ritual that allows me a chance to relax and feel energized before the demands of the busy day come rushing in. How about you? Do you have any essential morning rituals? I’d love to know!

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