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Self Care Spotlight-Body Positivity and Acceptance Can Coexist with Positive Change

On the one hand, I’m a big proponent of the body positivity movement. I believe in the benefits of seeing body diversity and having a kind of body acceptance over things we cannot change. In regards to things we can change, I want women to have grace and patience towards themselves. I want all women to see their value intrinsically and to dissociate their value from their appearance all together.

On the other hand, I also believe in positive change, even with our body, our health, and our physical appearance. There’s a hardwired chemical connection between looking good and feeling good. You can hear more about it on this awesome podcast episode.

It’s an uncomfortable paradox to sit in. No one has said it better than Gretchen Rubin-

“Accept yourself, and expect more from yourself.”

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There’s a big chance if you’re reading this, you are not in the shape you want to be in, and that’s okay. This whole life is meant for us to evolve and become better versions of ourselves so we can love those around us for as long as we can. That process can happen while we simultaneously offer ourselves acceptance towards the things we cannot change and grace and patience towards the things we can.

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The difference here is in how we approach change. Is it coming from a place of fear of rejection? Is it coming from a place of anger and bitterness towards a body that has betrayed us? Let’s aim for this-

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Part that grace comes from not demanding our bodies to be a certain weight.

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It’s making the aim for improvement in health and beauty but not perfection, not striving relentlessly to some unrealistic, unhealthy ideal. Because really all we want collectively is to feel good, look good, and live well in these temporal vehicles for as long as we can, and none of that can be achieved merely by just making it to a certain specific weight. Let our goal not be a number but a feeling that we are living and thriving in the body we were meant to live in. Let the goal be vitality.

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What do you think? Can you accept yourself but at the same time make room for positive change? Can these ideas reside together in harmony? I’d love to know what you think!

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