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Self Care Spotlight-Happiness as a Beauty Treatment

Happiness Makes People More Attractive

I remember very distinctly in college having a conversation with my brother about a guy friend I had. I was trying to convince my brother that I wasn’t leading on the guy. I told him I made it clear to the guy that I just wanted to be friends. Here’s what my brother said.

“You have to stop being so smiley and laughing around him so much.”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Girls are just more attractive when they are smiley and laughing at all our jokes.”

That’s when I realized this profound truth. Happiness makes people more attractive.

I remember when I was single I fell for a not so attractive guy simply because he had the voice of an angel and was always always smiling! It truly made him look more physically attractive to me!

Don’t Misunderstand This…

I’m not saying unhappy people are ugly, only that happiness makes people more attractive. I’m also not saying there is no place for sadness. There is definitely a place for sadness. Certain situations rightfully make people sad. If you are reading this and you struggle with clinical depression and just plain feel down in the dumps most of the time, don’t feel like you can’t be beautiful just because you struggle with being happy. All I’m saying is that aiming to be happier is a worthy goal. It’s not a selfish goal, as happier people are more charitable and make better spouses and friends. Your happiness affects the people around you. Seeking happiness is also a free goal compared to buying yet another miracle creme or getting botox or fillers. Happiness is valuable, and we shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to work towards it.

Self Care Spotlight-Happiness as a Beauty Treatment
Happiness and confidence
Beauty is how you feel
happiness affects physical appearance
happiness is a choice
a kind of beauty

Who knew focusing on your own happiness was actually a beauty treatment?! Wanna get happier? Start by taking the most popular (and free!!!!) Yale course on The Science of Well-being. Next, listen to the Happiness Lab and the Happier Podcast. Do you work on your own happiness? What resources do you use? I’d love to know!

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