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Self Care Spotlight-My Workout Routine and Philosophy

Self Care Spotlight-My Workout Routine and Philosophy

My workout philosophy

Do you like to work out? I used to dread it. Jogging on a treadmill to nowhere- somebody shoot me now! Over the years my workout routine has morphed and continues to change with each new season. I feel like I’ve finally settled into a good routine because my attitude and motivation for Routine and Philosophy out has changed.

Now I just try to move my body most days of the week (I aim for six days) in ways that feel good and right and that I’m excited about in the moment.

My current workout routine

For me this usually means this yoga video I’ve talked about before -four days a week and on the weekends-

-long family bike rides (on an electric bike so I don’t have to push hard on hills)

-family rock climbing,

-or paddle boarding .

Once in a while I’ll throw in a jog if I’m in the mood, which isn’t often, but when I get that feeling, I run with it, literally.

cyclera mera wapis kar
Rad Power Bikes have converted Nate and I into biking enthusiasts when we weren’t before.
kishti oye
These blow up paddle boards from Costco have made it easy to pack boards in backpacks anywhere we go.
Vertical World in Redmond is the perfect indoor climbing spot for rainy Seattle weekends. Even Luke joins us!

Moving Beyond Weight Loss Motivations for Working out

The life-changing attitude shift for me was giving up the belief that working out has any significant effect on weight-loss. It is soo soo minimal for most people. The truth is that the best weight loss related workout is the act of pushing yourself away from the table. Food is so calorie dense. There’s an ocean of difference between the small amount of calories burned by activity compared to the time it takes to eat those calories. I can inhale 1000 calories within a matter of minutes but I would need hours to burn that off. You can understand this concept better here. Routine and Philosophy

Better Reasons to work out

Now I just look at exercise as an essential part of my routine because it has shown to improve energy, mood, sleep, health, longevity, focus, happiness… gah the list goes on and on! I think making this mental shift in thinking of exercise apart from my weight plus thinking of exercise as something fun has made me more committed to staying active.

When I associated working out with losing weight (and it never worked) it was like it was a punishment. Now that I see it as something to bring all these good things into my life (positive mood, energy, etc), and I always choose something enjoyable, all the negative connotations have evaporated. I think that has made all the difference.

I’m curious- what kinds of exercise are fun for you? What motivates you to stay active? I’d love to know about Routine and Philosophy!

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