"> Self Care: A Checklist of What I Do As a Busy Pregnant Mom of a Toddler

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self care
friday find

Friday Find: A Self Care Checklist

self care

What are the things you do for self care? Here are the things I manage to fit in as a busy pregnant mom of a toddler.


My mom was a great example of self care

I’m really thankful that I grew up with an example of a mom who loved to indulge in massages regularly, who gardened for pleasure, singing to her plants and watering them every day, and who was a working mom who loved her job as a newborn nurse for NICU babies. She knew the things that made her feel great, like eating 70% raw and taking time for herself. Growing up, I remember her always saying, “We may not have much, but we have each other.” She valued the simple things in life, especially her children and family.

My self care checklist

Taking my mom’s example, I’ve created daily and weekly rituals that I implement for self care. I don’t know if my mom ever struggled with the mom guilt that I feel, but she did a good job of taking care of herself regardless.

Here’s what I do for self care regularly:

    • Exercise 40 minutes 4-6 days a week. 
    • Take an hour break every day for myself. 
    • Take a weekly sabbath day off on Thursdays where I don’t do anything on my to do list and don’t do any chores or errands. 
    • Get regular foot massages. 
    • Take time every day to read a chapter in the Bible, write in my gratitude journal, and pray if I have any requests. 
    • In order to ward of headaches and feel energetic all day long, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. 
    • Take vitamins daily. 
    • Eat vegetables and protein at every meal. 
    • Listen to daily affirmations. 
    • Get periodic manicures and pedicures. 
    • See girlfriends almost every week day. Be choosy about girl friends who don’t drain me. 
    • Use my Fitbit daily to track my sleep, and take a nap if I don’t get 7 1/2 hours at night. 
    • Brush and floss my teeth daily (I use unwaxed floss for the most effective flossing).
    • Get regular dentist cleanings and annual doctor’s physicals. 
    • Make my bed every morning first thing to get a sense of accomplishment right away. 
    • Don’t bottle up negative emotions. Share with someone I love. 
    • Volunteer twice a week. 
    • Listen to the “Happier” podcast weekly. 
    • If I’m ever feeling sore or in pain from workouts, do cupping, self massage, or sit in a massage chair. 
    • Keep clutter to a minimum and put toys away every evening to create a sense of inner calm. 
    • Do my hair and makeup most days (this very act increases serotonin levels!). 
    • Have sex regularly (Semen has endorphins AND serotonin!). 
    • Go to the gym daily for two hours to get “me” time.
    • Blog four days a week for a couple hours each day to have a creative outlet.
    • Drop my LO at preschool twice a week for three hours for “me” time.

What do you do for self care regularly? I’d love to know!

For more great ideas for self care, check out Carley’s awesome list!

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