some people are just born with the cool gene.

Like this girl who makes it look effortless to pull off a fedora, raybans, and a loose top over shorts. She looks like she’s on a never ending vacation. love it! 

Or this girl, who must be from Seattle. Everyone here knows how to layer! I’m learning the art, trying to look like a native. hee hee.

And yes, I am one of those celebrity stalkers. Why do they fascinate me so much? Their effortless style might have something to do with it. They always know how to wear a hat!
My brother says I should just stop picking up those US magazines. They don’t care about you, why should you care about them? I know. Wisdom out of the mouth of babes. But do I listen?…..

Not when there are shows like Gossip Girl, one of my shameful indulgences. I could seriously just watch it on mute… cuz of what they wear!

Now back to effortless genetic cool. If there’s anything I’ve learned about french styling, it’s that a striped long sleeve tee can look super hot. withe right added accessories. In this case, bright pink nail polish, leather ankle boots, a motorcycle jacket, a big bag, ray bans and worn denim. AMEN to that.

You know what else I can’t get enough of these days? Military wear. Something about taking man clothes and tailoring them to a women’s body. It’s just so sexy. Again paired simply with ankle boots and jeans.

And lastly one more holiday appropriate dress that to me says lookee here! Yes I’m in a mini…but… It has sleeves! (forget that they are hose inspired sleeves) This is a lovely, simple cocktail dress perfect for the holiday festivities. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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