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MidoriLei wears her hair straight and wears an orange tube topMidoriLei wears her hair straight and wears an orange tube top

The hair tools brand I trust

With naturally wavy and uncontrollable hair, my Sedu has been my can’t live without beauty splurge.

When it comes to choosing a hair straightener, it pays to

  • buy quality and
  • spend more.

Quality also has the added benefit of

  • saving time ( it heats up super quick and I can finish my entire head in less than 5 minutes)
  • causing less damage (it’s ceramic and ionic and distributes heat evenly)
  • repelling residue (the new one has this feature)

You actually save money in the long run because you’re not having to buy a new straightener every few years.

I bought mine over THIRTEEN ¬†years ago, so the $120 was well spent (the price is now $185). Because I trust the Sedu brand to last, I’m super excited that they now carry curling irons and blowdryers! (travel and full-sized)

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