style watch, fuchsia, cobalt blue, statement ring
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Layered Watch + Statement Ring

style watch, fuchsia, cobalt blue, statement ring

Style watch – more is more. bold lips + large hoops + a layered watch + statement ring

style watch, fuchsia, cobalt blue, statement ring

If you’re liking what you see, make this trend super easy by getting a one piece layered watch and bangles mix.

Style watch- Try the watch and bangles layered trend

I love the look of layered bracelets and watches. Since I’m usually in a rush, nothing beats getting this look using a singular piece!

Where you can find items similar to what I’m wearing

A similar layered watch but not so busy. 

If you like to layer individually, this rose gold collection can’t be more beautiful.

Another similar orange statement ring. 

Large hoops with a soft gold twist. 

And if you’re looking for a violet fuchsia lip color, I’m obsessed.

Seriously, I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t look amazing in cobalt blue. This long, drape-y cardigan would work well on an apple shape, especially with a stretchy belt over it the way I demonstrate in this post. 

Looking for more inspiration to apply the trend of more is more?

First, I wear fuchsia skinny jeans with an overly colorful striped tank. 

Taza, master blogger of the more is more style trend.

When your sister in law is an artist, you’re definitely going to get the more is more trend from her chic apartment. 

And lastly, a trio of posts dedicated to my favorite fictional character displaying the best of the more is more trend.

Blair Waldorf part 1

Dress inspiration from Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf part 3

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