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summer nail colors, nail colors, polished nails, nails 2016, spring nail colors

Soft Coral + Clear Sparkle

summer nail colors, nail colors,   polished nails,   nails 2016, spring nail colors

This is a perfect nail polish to add to your summer nail colors. It’s what I turn to when I want polished natural nails, but don’t want just clear.

Summer Nail Colors: First Pick

Sometimes, I just want my nails to feel polished and natural looking, but I think just clear nail polish can be boring. I was psyched to find this one by Debra Lippmann called Whatever Lola Wants. It still looks clear and the nail still shows through, but it has that perfect silvery white sparkle. It’s not an over the top sparkle reserved for New Year’s bashes. It’s like a daytime sparkle, perfect for bright summer days. I love that it’s still clear so it goes with every summer dress I own. Every time I wear this nail polish, it just makes me smile– it’s so elegant and simple.

No wonder it has rave reviews! Here are some other people’s comments–

“It’s so soft and feminine looking. Nothing over the top.”

“I love this color!!! It is subtle enough to wear everyday but has just enough shine to still get people’s attention. This polish is also super easy to apply. I have several Deborah Lippmann shades and this is by far my favorite!!!”


summer nail colors, nail colors,   polished nails,   nails 2016, spring nail colors

Soft, peachy coral looks great on any skin complexion.


Summer Nail Colors: Second Pick

This nail color was a gel. I don’t know exactly what the shade was, but basically any soft peachy coral will do the trick. This color just screams summer. I wrote an article about how this color looks amazing on anyone. You can read it here.

I love it soooo much because it’s like the grown up version of Barbie doll pink. It’s ultra-feminine without being too juvenile. It also warms up any complexion.

I’m obsessed with soft coral paired with bright fuchsia. I did a fashion post on this combo here. 

It also looks great with neutral colors. In this outfit I wore a soft coral top and paired it with white bermuda shorts. 

Want more inspiration for summer nail colors?

If these two picks are too bland for you and you want something brighter and fun, I’m also really into neon yellow nails and accessories. See some pics here. 

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