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Susan’s Makeover

I did a makeover yesterday for my step mom-in-law. We met up at Target, I picked out a couple of items she didn’t already have in her makeup bag (a big fluffy powder brush, a felt tip eye liner, a slanted brush for filling in eye brows, and a matte bronzer for contouring). All in all it was only 20 bucks. Mostly, I used her own makeup and showed her how to apply it for the best effect. It was such a fun, lovely evening, showing her what kinds of clothes are flattering on her small, petite frame and her tiny waist! I told her, “You have the teeniest waist! You have to show it off!”

Here is her before face picture:

And a few after pics:

Here are her before outfit pictures:

And a couple of after pictures where you can see more of my chosen outfit:

Instead of the overwhelming plaid patterns, I had her wear a dress in one color because on a petite frame, wearing one color elongates the figure. I also told her that right above the knee is her best dress length as below the knee will cut her off and make her legs appear shorter. And I chose a peachy color as peach looks great on everyone! It’s ultra feminine without being too youthful like pink can sometimes be, and it doesn’t wash you out like nudes. Remember this post?

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  1. allan

    U’re like Anne Sullivan. haha “W-A-T-E-R!!!”

    54 subscribers! remember when it is consistently above 50 for a week, contact me.

    btw, love the tall fuschia heels. really, any really tall heels are good in my book. haha

    oh yeah, u need to have a page dedicated to thumbnails of befores and afters. U’ll have to schedule a time for that.

  2. MidoriLei

    thank you! that’s a great idea. can we do it that saturday too?

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