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6 Ways to Wear a Solid Vest

We Americans call them vests, the lovely Brits call them waistcoats. I call them one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. Vests can look great. You just have to know how to wear them! They need to look like they're tailor made, just like any well-fitting blazer. The waist of the vest looks better when it fits snugly. Seriously, there's kind of an art to choosing the right vest. It can't be too short where it makes the body look like the waist is too high (hence the name: waistcoat. It sits on the waist!)  It can't be too long as to drown out the figure. It can't be too loose as to hide the waist and the arm holes can't be too big. The neckline shouldn't be too high up either.  But when you've found the perfect fitting waistcoat, it's very figure flattering. It's worth the hunt for the perfect fit and perfect length.

This is an example of a vest that is too big on the mannequin: