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take a break
friday find

Friday Find: The Only Sign to Look for to Know You Need a Break from Your Kids

take a break

Just because I love this kiddo so much, doesn’t mean I don’t need to take a break to have time alone, with friends, and with hubby.


*pics from our family photo shoot. You can see more here. 
*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but for the duration of my pregnancy, I’m only doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return after I deliver. Today I’m sharing the telltale sign you need a break from your kids. 


Take a break from your kids to pursue your passion and feel good about it

I think growing up with a mom who worked outside the home and absolutely loved her job (she is obsessed with babies and worked in the NICU for 20 years) gave me a great example to follow. It’s why I don’t feel guilty taking two hours a day to blog (four days a week). I drop off my son at the gym and work from the bistro. It gives me a joy like no other to be able to have a creative outlet. Some people need an outlet for artistic expression (like me), some people need to be helping others to be fulfilled. Still others need to be solving problems. Do you know which of the three is most important to you? Here’s a great article about it. 

Take a break from chores and managing a household and feel good about it

I also had my mom’s example to follow when it comes to really valuing self care and having weekly time off to not do any work. Growing up seeing my mom take time away for regular massages ( I do the same now) and participating in weekly sabbaths with my family gave me an example of parents who took pleasure in taking care of themselves. I grew up Seventh-Day Adventist, and it was a weekly tradition to have every Saturday all about no work and lots of family time and socializing.

Now that I’m an adult, I put this weekly sabbath into practice but I set aside every Thursday to take a break from everything I can. I take a break from blogging; I let the dishes pile up or try to get stuff for the house done the day before. The laundry sits for a day unfolded. I don’t work out. I move everything off my to do list besides the bare necessities. My books from the library get read.  I watch movies. The foot massage people know I’ll be coming. I go to the gym and flip through fashion magazines, catch up on my favorite blogs, and sit in the wet and dry sauna. Sometimes I get my nails done. Sometimes I meet with a friend for coffee or lunch. This day is for relaxing, filling up my energy reserves, and let me tell you, I wake up every Friday morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to my chores and blogging with a new vigor and full of creative ideas.

The telltale sign to watch out for to know you are needing  a break ASAP

Apart from my weekly sabbath and taking 2 hours a day for myself at the gym, sometimes life calls for even more time away to take a break. If you don’t get a daily or weekly break already, I really encourage you to do so. You’ll have so much more to give to your kids and family if you take the time to fill up your energy reserves.

I also recommend having these daily and weekly breaks as a part of your schedule so you not only enjoy the time off when you get the time off, but you can anticipate it in the future and have something to look forward to every day and every week.

And even if you do already take daily or weekly breaks, sometimes life just gets chaotic and difficult while raising a child and you might need even more. How can you tell? I took a class at my OB called Family Dynamics and the teacher really broke it down. She said the clear evidence you have that you are in desperate need of a break is…

when you find yourself having less patience than normal with your child. 

So simple right? Sometimes the simplest signs are right in front of us and we ignore them. You know how much patience you normally have with your child. If you find that your patience is definitely less than this norm, make a mental note to find a way to get away ASAP. Enlist the help of a friend to do some kind of babysitting exchange. Find your nearest drop off daycare. Text your husband that it’s been a rough day, and you need 30 minutes to yourself (or an hour or two) this evening to just decompress. Cancel all your plans to do chores during your kid’s nap and do something pleasurable and rejuvenating, even if that just means sitting in the silence with a hot cup of tea. Do whatever it takes to get that break as soon as possible.

Your change in your level of patience is the sure sign you are heading towards mommy burnout.

Well, that’s all I have for today’s Friday Find post. I hope you have a great weekend. Yesterday I delivered my son Luke, and today is my first born’s birthday. It’s gonna be a crazy couple of weeks coming up. Wish me luck!


take a break

When I take a break, I come back more patient and loving.

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