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The Apple Shape Wardrobe: 3 Things on My Actual Clothes Wishlist + 3 Rules for What Makes it on my Wish List

Do you have a clothes wish list? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I like having a running clothes wish list similar to a self treats list as it helps me not do as much impulse shopping. I write about this little strategy here if you’re interested. With bloggers, I feel like we’re always promoting one thing or another, but what actually makes it on our own wish list takes a lot more deliberating. For example, I may promote a top but I might already have too many tops in black so as much as I love the shape and cut, I won’t put it on my own wish list for fear of too much repetition in my wardrobe.

My number one rule for stuff that gets put on my clothes wish list is that I don’t have anything like it in my closet.

I don’t like having a lot of clothes, but I want there to be variety in my outfits. I am an underbuyer so when I buy something, I must love everything about it.

My second rule for stuff that gets put on my clothes wish list is that I am absolutely in LOVE with everything about the clothing item from the length, the shape, the cut, the print, the color, the neckline, the arm length etc…

My last rule is very specific to the day and age that we live in. Online shopping is hard enough since we’re not able to try clothes or feel fabric before buying. So in order for me to be completely sold on a purchase, I strictly follow this rule:

My third rule for stuff that gets put on my clothes wish list is positive reviews from other buyers.

So, based on these three rules, here are three things that are on my clothes wish list currently.

1. Babydoll dress in Grapefruit

This Free People dress is a dress of apple shaped women’s dreams! I don’t have anything in my closet in this beautiful, sunny grapefruit color or this dress shape. It has a deep square neckline that is super flattering on an apple shape for that gazelle-like neck, and the baby doll dress shape is not only trending bigtime but also has a flattering empire waist perfect for hiding a multitude of sins. Just from this picture I can tell that the fabric is stretchy but also thick enough and with enough texture to not display every bulge and roll. The sleeves are the perfect 3/4th length and puff up vertically instead of horizontally. It’s also a perfect length to show off most apple shape’s best feature- legs! Lastly it has 53 positive reviews. What’s not to love?!

The Apple Shape Wardrobe: 3 Things on My Actual Clothes Wishlist + 3 Rules for What Makes it on my Wish List

2. Rolling Stones Graphic T

I’m a big fan of mixing casual with fancy. I love the look of a graphic t and a blazer for example. This Rolling Stones T shirt would look super cool and effortless with a black blazer, skinny jeans, and classic pumps. I don’t have any music themed graphic t-shirts in my closet, and this one just looks great! It also has 126 great reviews, is the perfect length (hits the area where hips are widest), and is the perfect lived in black color Clothes Wishlist.


3. Burgundy V-neck Sweater

This v-neck sweater stands out amongst others because it is the absolute perfect length for apple shapes (stops right where I want my hips to appear the widest) and because the defined ribbing at the neckline, cuffs, and hem makes the sweater feel more substantial. Not to mention, all that extra ribbing at the hips makes hips look wider! The v-neck is also deeper rather than it is wider, which makes for a more flattering cut at the neckline. I’m also always looking for dark tops that are not black, so it was nice to find this sweater in burgundy. If you’re not a fan of burgundy, it also comes in other beautiful dark colors like olive, navy blue, and black. Lastly, it has over 500 great reviews.


Do you have a clothes wish list? Do you have any rules you follow for what makes the cut? I’d love to know!

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