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The Apple Shape Wardrobe: 7 Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Smocking

I love smocking in all the right places! You? Here are some quick do’s and don’ts of smocking for an apple shape.

1. DO wear smocking in the chest area followed by peplum to drape over the stomach area.

This top has some great features for an apple shape: thick straps, smocking in chest area, and a flowy peplum midsection.

2. DON’T wear smocking that billows out directly above the waist area.

This top has several features that don’t work for an apple shape: spaghetti straps showcase wide shoulders, a crop top makes a stomach visible, and a billowy area right above the smocking widens the midsection.

3. DO take advantage of stretchy smocking on the waist of bottoms.

4. DON’T Wear smocking below the waist in the stomach area.

Smocking in the stomach area draws attention to any bulge, even on the tiniest person.
This top is also another example of smocking in the stomach area and on top of that, it billows where the smallest part of the waist is. Yikes!

5. DO wear smocking in the chest and waist area.

This dress flatters with quarter sleeves, a deep neckline, smocking in the chest and waist area, and billowy stomach area. Confession: it is a maternity top, but nobody has to know!
This dress is another example of smocking in the chest and waist area and flaring right below to cover a stomach. I also love the flattering v-neck halter (for some reason, spaghetti straps work when there’s a halter like on this dress).

6. DONT wear smocking in the hip area if the waist area is billowy.

Even though it seems like this would widen the hip area, because it does nothing for the waist, this top would not be flattering.

7. DO wear smocking directly on the smallest part of the waist.

This top has everything going for it! Smocking in the waist, peplum below the waist, a deep neckline, a dark color, a small print, and quarter sleeves hoorah!

What do you think of these tips? Do you like smocking? I’d love to know!

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