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The Apple Shape Wardrobe: Cobalt Blue + Houndstooth and the Rebellion Outfit

* All my outfits emphasize flattering an apple shape -wider shoulders/narrow hips. In this picture I am 5’1and 140lbs. Also, I am petite and have a high waist and short torso.

 Rebellion Outfit
The Apple Shape Wardrobe: Cobalt

How’s your day going? Today I’m working from home, (as always) and my best friend is over. We have kind of a shared workspace situation going on with three kids running around ( my best friend’s son is my son’s best friend!) Needless to say, it’s so nice to have my kids entertained while I get to work and spend some time with my best friend.

The Apple Shape Wardrobe
The Apple

Behold my rebellion outfit

Today’s post is an example of a rebellion outfit. In other words, I don’t necessarily think I look best in this turtleneck oversized sweater and these cropped pants, but I love this combo of bright coral blue and houndstooth so much so I wear it regardless! Sometimes, you just have to wear something, not because it’s flattering, but just because you love it! These two things are not always synonymous with each other. Someone from my Facebook group inspired me when she asked the question- what do you love to wear even though you know it doesn’t look good on you? It’s brave, daring, and rebellious and I ABSOLUTELY love Cobalt Blue outfit! Whatever you decide to wear, whether it be something you love or something that’s flattering, or both, wear it with confidence. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Outfit full

Outfit items similar to what I’m wearing(when available). Fisherman’s cap. Round cat eye reflective glasses. Cobalt blue sweater. Houndstooth ankle pants. Black ankle booties.

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  • 12 pieces = 35 outfits
  • tips for choosing each piece specific to flattering your shape
  • picture of author wearing each outfit so you can visualize the items on an apple shape Cobalt Blue outfit

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