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The Apple Shape Wardrobe: Here are the Skirts I’m Currently Crushing On

Are you a skirt kinda gal? The apple shapes I’ve come across are polar opposites. Either they love their legs and think their legs are their best feature, or they think their legs are too skinny. This post is for the former. I have a bunch of skirts on my wish list right now. Here are some things I try to follow when I look for skirts:

  1. I tend to gravitate towards A-line skirts and pencil skirts.
  2. The most important thing is a waist that isn’t too small so you can shimmy it down to sit further- on top of the hips. The waist and the hip should not be too dramatically different in size.
  3. I tend to like thicker fabric, which adds bulk to my lower half.
  4. I also tend to prefer the skirt to sit lower than how I like my pants which I prefer high waisted. The problem with skirts being high waisted for me is that it tends to highlight a stomach because it immediately flares after the waist with fit and flare types or A-line types. It also make me look even more short waisted than I already am. When it’s a pencil skirt, it tends to be too fitted in the stomach area. For all these reasons, I prefer a mid-rise skirt so it sits kinda on the hips.
  5. I’ve found the most flattering length for balancing out my shape is above the knee. Doesn’t have to be a mini, but right above the knee works well too.
  6. I like to wear all my tops untucked.

These two skirts are my favorite examples of what I mean! They are both a thick fabric, are mid-rise and sit on the hips, and are both above the knee.

The point is, skirts are HARD. I’ve tried on skirts that feel like they should work, but they don’t. Pencil skirts need to taper in at the knee for example. If they don’t, like this, they don’t do anything for our curves. Most skirts feel like they are an awkward length. Mid-knee feels weird. Mid-calf feels weirder. I’m sooo soo picky with skirts! Most are not mid-rise, so if I do wear a high rise skirt, I still try to wear it lower on my waist even if I have to go higher in size. I’m really into these below! What do you think?

Don’t get discouraged when you’re searching for skirts for your shape. When I try on skirts, I’m most aware that fashion brands really don’t take apple shapes into consideration when designing! It’s very frustrating, but when you find a good one, it’ll be a favorite in your closet for a long time.

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