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The Apple Shape Wardrobe: Roundup of the 3 Most Flattering Sleeve Options

Just a quick roundup of my favorite sleeves for an apple shape. Of course the winning sleeve option in my book is always…

1. Quarter Sleeve Anything

To me, although this isn’t the actual definition of a 3/4th sleeve, I consider anything at the elbow to mid forearm as a quarter sleeve. This is by far the most flattering sleeve length option for an apple shape, even more so than a long sleeve! I’ll share with you why in a minute. For now, I’ll just share the quarter sleeve options I’m wearing below that are all time favorites. In order from first to last pictured below I love a good quarter batwing sleeve, a cocoon sleeve, an elbow bishop sleeve, a tailored sleeve with a striped shirt under, a fitted sleeve, a dolman sleeve, a tailored sleeve on its own, an off the shoulder flutter sleeve, and a sweater sleeve.

2. Long Sleeve

The long sleeve comes second place of course, but the reason it isn’t first place in my eyes is because with the arms at the sides, a person wearing long sleeves looks like a box, especially if the length of the arms is the same as the length of the shirt! With the quarter sleeves, the slightly shorter length makes the upper half of the body look less boxy. Here’s what I mean by boxy:

Same length arms and same length shirt = boxy upper body

Because of this reason, even when I’m wearing long sleeves, I sometimes will still push my sleeves up to quarter length. The other solution to this boxy dilemma is making sure my top (or jacket) length is a little bit shorter or longer than my arm length like these examples:

3. Sleeveless

Sleeveless tops are actually quite flattering on an apple shape as they draw vertical lines down the upper body, elongating the torso, and making the shoulders look more narrow. Just make sure to follow these tips when choosing sleeveless options.

Next week I’ll be featuring sleeve options to avoid! What are your favorite sleeves? Here are some great sleeve options I love:

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