The Best Budget Trench Coat For a Petite Girl

I’m 5’1. Usually trench coats look great on model-esque women, the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr.

But alas! Some petite celebrities have managaged to pull off the look by shortening the hem and keeping it all snug and fit:)

The adorable, teeny tiny Emma Watson manages the look without looking like she’s drowning in fabric:


See, as much as I love Rachel Bilson, this trench is way too big! (she’s 5’2)

I guess I just like a more snug fit especially on a petite frame. I think one of the most well fitted trench coats is this white lovely number on Kate Bekinsale:

And because I own a lot of black, I decided my first trench purchase would be black and well fitting like this:


I scored mine at Ross for $50! It’s a Miss Sixty Trench and has a nice detachable hoodie, which I most definitely need living here in the pacific northwest! I paired mine with a bright red shell, a black newsboy cap, a jersey striped black and grey pencil skirt, and ankle booties.

How do you choose the perfect trench for your body?


1. Find something that doesn’t look “boxy.” The coat should hug your body, and the belt should sit exactly where your natural waist is.

2. Aim for a length that is about mid thigh. You risk drowning in the fabric if it is any longer, especially if you’re petite.

3. Look for slim fitting sleeves and shoulders that fit your shoulders well.

4. Look for a fit that flairs slightly below the waist to give you the illusion of an hourglass frame.

5. It’s all about extra details: Buttons on both sides instead of one side (double breasted), tabs on the shoulders, extra fabric on the chest area. These things make a trench stand out and give it character.

Here are some great options if you are on the market for one now:)All featured trenches are under $100! (click on the picture to find out more details)

What I love….


1. Blue, unexpected tiny ruffles, double breasted, shoulder tabs, short and sweet:)

2. Black, unexpected sheer arms and overlay, shoulder tabs, double breasted, low collar

3. High collar, black, double breasted, shoulder tabs, slim cut, gun metal buttons and hardware

4. Exact same thing but in a standout bright cherry red

5. NOBODY else is going to be wearing a bird print trench!


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