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the bump
maternity mondays

Maternity Mondays: Violet Fuchsia Off the Shoulder Dress

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m growing the bump, I’ll be featuring maternity outfits.

My pregnancy journey so far

Oh gosh. I hate being pregnant. I’m not one of those women who bask in this special time of life. My first pregnancy wasn’t as bad as this one. Maybe it’s because I’m older(36) and I weighed more when I got pregnant this time around than when I got pregnant last time. So, I’m 17 weeks as of writing this post, and I’m still dealing with nausea and fatigue. This is a hard reality for a former foodie (the nausea) and a big get-the-list-done junkie (the fatigue).

Well, enough of my sob story. After my first trimester, I decided I did not want to take a sabbatical with blogging. Working on fashion just drives me and gives me so much joy. It’s worth it for me to make space in my life for it. Do you feel that way about work? Do you feel that way about anything you do? It took me a long time to figure out this is my calling and now that I’m in the trenches, I just want to continue for the sheer joy of it.

So, although I’ll be taking a break from posting outfits that are geared specifically to apple shaped women, I’ll be posting maternity outfits for the duration of my pregnancy. My monthy newsletter will still focus on apple shaped outfits with me recycling previous content. At least as long as I’m able.

Why I love this outfit for styling the bump

When it comes to styling the bump, I’m having fun with it! Since I’m usually an apple shape and trying my best to hide my tummy, elongate my torso, blah blah blah, it’s nice for a change to actually show off the bump. I notice I feel my best dressing my bump in tighter and brighter clothes. This dress is my favorite maternity thing I own so far. Of course I love the color (violet fuchsia is my signature color) and I love that it is stretchy, long enough so I don’t feel self conscious when I’m sitting down, and on trend with off the shoulder ruffles. I don’t wear a bra with this! (shhh) I normally am super self conscious about my upper arms but this little off the shoulder number does a great job at covering my upper arms while still showing off a sexy shoulder.

Where you can get items similar to what I’m wearing

You can get this exact dress from ASOS here. 

I’m obsessed with these nude sunnies! Here’s a similar round pair. 

And everyone needs elongating nude heels. Peep toe and not super high makes it more comfortable and more feminine. These are similar to what I’m wearing. 


the bump

My favorite dress to style the bump. Bright and tight featuring my signature color, violet fuchsia.

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