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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Hi ladies! How’s your week been? I’m going through old vacation pics when we visited the Philippines back in February of 2018. I’m so glad I took so many pics, as international travel feels like a long distant memory of a time gone by. I’ll share some below, as well as a picture taking trick you have to know about! Believe me, it’s a game changer. Here are a few things I’m currently excited about.

1. Reminiscing and flipping through old vacation pics + a tip on how to take flattering pics

I’m only 5’1′ guys! This picture below makes me look so leggy! Here’s the trick- any time I take full body pics, I try to get the photographer to take the picture from below, like waaay below. When you take a selfie, you take the picture from above, but when you take a full body shot with someone else taking it, take the picture from below! Try it! I learned this trick thanks to my friend Joanne and a link from Song of Style she shared with me.

Take the pic from below and you’ll have legs for days!

*Similar floral dress. Similar fedora hat.

And some other pics from our vacation…

2. Indian Halwa + Vanilla Ice Cream

One of my favorite ways to eat vegetables is in Indian Halwa. It’s this decadent buttery dessert sometimes made of carrots, sometimes made of beets, and I’ve also had it made from almonds or cashews. It’s so delicious served hot with cold vanilla ice cream on top. I’m a big fan of combining food textures and temperatures like this. Next time you order at an Indian establishment, try it! Thanks to my friend Tory for this recommendation, your point! She writes about her experience with surrogacy and is starting a family travel blog soon!

Halwa and vanilla ice cream feels like an Indian version of a berry crumble and ice cream.

3. Black, 2 Inch, ankle booties.

If I had to make a recommendation about buying just one pair of shoes for this fall season coming up, I’d for sure recommend buying black, 2 inch ankle booties. They go with everything! Long skirts, short skirts, skinny jeans, wide leg trousers. Everything. Plus, they are soo comfortable- enough to wear all day. I never realized that black ankle booties do in fact go with everything until I read this post! My pair were from Old Navy but are no longer in stock. When looking for a pair, I recommend making sure they aren’t so low that they look like they’re meant to be covered up by a pant bottom– like this is too low.

When in doubt, choose black ankle booties with any outfit. It works!

Here are some other great looking options:

4. Eres Tu by Carla Morrison

I had this song on repeat months on end and only gave up listening to it for a while for fear that I would tire of it. I heard it in the background when I was watching Jane the Virgin, which by the way is so fun, cute, colorful, and binge watch worthy especially right now while our world feels so chaotic. This song is a sexy, summery, feel good song sang by someone with an angelic voice. What do you think?

5. Two funny kids books about loving yourself just the way you are, noticing the good in your situations, not comparing yourself to others, and learning how to be independent enough to try new things.

Gosh as I was reading that headline, I realized these are lessons adults (including myself) need help learning and relearning. This is why I love these two kids book soo soo much. As you read them to your children, you will find yourself giggling at the puns and jokes meant for adult intellect, all the while the kids will enjoy the story and the pictures just as much! You can tell that the authors had parents who were overly tired of reading the same books in mind. You can get “Chopsticks” here and “Spoon” here.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope your 2020 is only getting better. xoxo

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