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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Hi lovelies, happy Friday! How are you doing? I’m really starting to feel the effects of social distancing since I’m 100% extrovert. It’s not easy and honestly, the only things that are making me not go crazy are having a purpose outside of raising kiddos (this blog) and having a system so I’m not grazing all day long (intermittent fasting- more on that later). What is helping you??? Here’s a complete list of other things helping me while sheltering in place if you’re interested and missed it. Now onto the stuff I’m into these days!

1. No cook, just put it all together meals

Is it just me or are other people in the please-don’t-make-me-cook-anymore stage in this pandemic? Some weeks I’m all about cooking, which usually means the following week I’m so over it. That’s when I love preparing meals that involve just putting stuff together, no stove involved. One of my go-to meals like this is lox and bagels! You just toast the bagel, spread the cream cheese, add some ready made smoked salmon, and top with thinly sliced red onions (always RED onions when eating raw onions) and capers. I always add some ripe sliced tomatoes (heirloom is the best) on the sided and top them off with freshly grated black pepper and salt. Don’t mind my heavily creamed cup of Roma and my three desserts haha (that’s my typical daily amount of desserts shhhh).

2. Intermittent fasting and my zero app

I swear, if it wasn’t for intermittent fasting, I would be gaining ALL the weight during this sheltering at home time. Before intermittent fasting, any time I was stuck at home for some reason- kids all sick for example, I’d just be snacking all day and not even eating any clear meals. That kind of eating makes me sad, depressed, lethargic, and moody ughhhh. I have no doubt that intermittent fasting was the answer to my prayers, and that it literally saved my life. I know it can have a bad rap for anyone who first hears about it because we’ve been trained to think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we’re supposed to eat 6 mini meals, but when you dig deeper and hush the noise of the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry, the evidence is clear that it is not only healthy, but the most sustainable way to live for anyone who is looking to better their health or lose weight. It’s even in the New England Journal of Medicine which is like the Bible of medical journals. It’s the easiest thing to do once you get into your groove because you can eat whatever you want, which is what we are meant to do– nobody is supposed to tell us WHAT to eat! That’s why it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle. I’m so convinced this is THE answer to weight problems, not just one answer. If you want to lose weight and have tried everything, I’m begging, literally begging you to listen to these intermittent podcast stories. Listen to one of them every day until you go through all the episodes. If you do nothing else but listen to these stories, I’ll be so happy. And if you decide to embark on this journey and try it out, make sure to read or listen to the book Delay Don’t Deny. I also highly recommend the fasting app Zero! Message me if you have any questions about my journey of course!

15 lbs of fat and inflammation! What a difference!

3. MyFlo

I don’t ever buy apps! Like literally I’ve bought two total in my entire life. One of them is the budget app by Dave Ramsey that I’ve talked about before here, and the other one is my period app, which I love so much. The main difference between this period app and others is that it is made by a hormonal expert, and you can input symptoms you have and get lifestyle and food recommendations to treat your symptoms! You can choose from 23 different symptoms:

One of the things I dealt with a lot before taking the app’s recommendations into account was headaches for example. Here is an example of the lifestyle and food fixes the app gives for headaches:

It also gives you recommendations based on the hormonal phase you’re in so you understand what is going on with your hormones and makes recommendations on four areas of your life- your mind, your physical activity, your nutrition, and your sex life. Here’s an example for pms week-

It’s awesome! You can check it out here. It looks like this in your app store:

4. Bringing the Outdoors inside our Home

One of my favorite nature sights living in the PNW is misty fog above the tips of pine trees. I decided to take what I love most about the outdoors and bring it into our home, namely, inside our bathroom. It adds a little bit of joy into my days every time I walk into the bathroom and seed things I love. Like I’ve said before, the bathroom is the best place to have pictures and art because it’s the only place guests have privacy which means they actually have a moment to look at the walls.

5. Bento Boxes for snacks

I love bento boxes for snacks instead of the odd miscellaneous tupperware or ziplock bag tossed in a diaper bag. It’s big enough so you can reach in there and find what you’re looking for right away without having to find multiple small items several times. It also prevents you from having to reach to the back seat multiple times to give kids different snacks. Also, because these are bigger than individual tupperware/ziploc, they are easier to hand back and forth from the back seat. When we go berry or cherry picking, I can keep refilling them and handing them back to my always hungry boys with less mess involved than small separate containers. It’s a small thing but a big win in my book! Here are some options:

I hope you have a great weekend! Stay safe and healthy.

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