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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Hi lovelies! I’m having a good day. I finally was able to almost complete a 36 hour fast. I’ve tried several times in the past but when dinnertime came, I was like Nah, I want dinner! I finally got smart and asked Nate to get some takeout for dinner so I wouldn’t be tempted. It worked! I didn’t quite make it to 36, but ended at 33 hours because of a headache. Next time I’ll drink a little Himalayan sea salt earlier to avoid the mineral and sodium depletion. Anywho, thankful my headache is gone now, baby is napping, and I get to sit for a bit and blog. Here are some things I’m obsessed with recently.

1. My baby sleeping on a bike

Speaking of babies napping… have you ever seen a baby sleeping on a bike?? It’s gotta be one of the top three cutest things to ever see IRL. Every weekend we take our Rad bikes everywhere and sometimes Luke falls asleep, which means Nate is biking with one hand and with the other, propping up a sleeping baby’s head.

Mind you, my eldest Noah is behind him too. It’s super daddy!

I have to say, I get a huge kick out of watching people smiling, giggling, or pointing as we bike by after they see this entire setup.

2. Old photographs that come with stories

Did you ever sit down with your parents or your grandparents and look at old photos? It’s a great little activity you can even do over the phone. Just grab an old album, choose an interesting picture and simply ask, “What’s the story behind this photo?” Usually there is a story! I sometimes forget if the stories I know from pictures are from my own memory or from a story told to me so many times, but does it really matter? Like the story of the picture of me below. At one point when I was really young we lived with my grandparents (mamagrand and daddygrand) in a Seventh-Day Adventist compound. They lived on the top floor of a duplex, and some girls in their twenties or thirties lived downstairs. This duplex was shaded under a giant mango tree, and my grandparents had a parrot that greeted us at the front door every day. One day, the neighborhood girls came upstairs and wanted to borrow me– and they returned me fully dolled up in this yellow dress complete with a full face of makeup! I wonder if this had a huge impact on me or if it was just so “me” that I remember it or think about this story so fondly. I’d like to think I loved every moment of getting dolled up!

3. Clearer days in California

My heart goes out to everyone in California right now. 2020 ughhhh! If you are there I hope you and your loved ones are safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers. These pictures were taken in California many years ago. Something about a colorful horizon behind a silhouette of palm trees makes my heart smile. Here’s to hoping for clearer skies soon.

4. Datingadvicefromagirl.com

I think I mentioned on here that I used to write in this dating column for ten years before I did this blog full time? Writing about relationships is a love of mine but only second to writing about random obsessions and fashion 🙂 My best friend Robyn writes for it now. I’m still in the process of writing a relationship book for middle school girls, but it’s been on the back burner. This picture below is from the book, and I wanted to share it because I love my cartoonist so much! If you’re in the mood for some dating advice, be sure to check out Robyn’s blog here.

First hard copy draft of my book + a s’mores pazookie from BJ’s restaurant.

5. The most gorgeous tattoo

I’m not a tattoo kind of girl but if I was, I’d want this tattoo. I wish I knew where I saw this picture. It’s so classy and elegant don’t you think? I also love the phrase “this too shall pass” as it reminds us that hard times won’t last- giving us peace about the future, and good times won’t last either-giving us an appreciation for the present. Do you have any tattoos that have sayings on them?

Also, this picture reminds me of how much I love off the shoulder tops. Not all of them work well on an apple shape. The one I’m wearing below I love except I wish it had quarter sleeves for example:

I tend to prefer a v-neck off the shoulder top if it’s not a ruffle sleeve. It’s like a Bardot neckline and deepens the neckline instead of just widening the shoulders like a typical off the shoulder top that goes straight across.

This one below is an example of a v-neckline off the shoulder top and would be flattering on an apple shape:

Top from here.

Wherever you are, I hope you hang in there and you find something (albeit small) to smile about this weekend despite all that’s going on right now. Big hugs.

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