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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Hi ladies!! I’m writing this on my husband’s 40th birthday and the first day of kindergarten for my eldest son, Noah. It’s a big day! I’m going to home school him, and I’m scared! Please send good vibes my way– and a boat load of patience hahah. What are you up to this weekend? Today we have a babysitter and Nate and I are going to Anthony’s Restaurant on the water with a few coworkers. They are allowing groups of 5 and have 25% limited capacity. I’m so excited because they have the best halibut I’ve ever eaten. mmmm…. Besides really good fish (my favorite food of all time), I’m also excited about these things!

1. Shampoo and conditioners made for acne prone skin

You know I wax poetic about my love of Emme Diane. She’s such a great person and a knowledgeable skin guru. I know she’s legit and all about helping people because she makes these lists for acne prone people that aren’t even her products! (at least at the time of this writing). She has a list for makeup that is safe for acne prone skin as well as another list for hair care that is safe for acne prone skin, because if you’ve EVER had a zit on your head you KNOW how unpleasant that is! Notice how that entire list of hair care products has no commission affiliate links, meaning she’s not getting any compensation for making those recommendations! Every time I’ve had a skin concern, I’ve emailed her, and she’s so good at responding and so thorough.

Well, I’m currently using a couple of her hair recommendations and LOVE them. The shampoo is moisturizing without being heavy for my ultra fine hair. The conditioner is pure silk. They both smell yummy! I use Mastey Traite Sulfate Free Normal To Dry Shampoo and Wella Brilliance Treatment for Fine To Normal Colored Hair.

When it’s hair washing day, my hair smells so yummy! Btw this is one of my favorite drugstore liquid liners that I’m wearing in this pic.

2. A free, zero waste craft project

Noah has been loving making “crayon” glitter! It’s so funny. I bet we are the last family on earth to discover this. We just sharpen a bunch of dull crayons and use the shavings to make “glitter” for glue projects- like Noah’s name below. Do you have any cool, inexpensive craft projects? We are always on the lookout for more!

3. Arroz caldo

Have you ever had congee? It’s like a soupy rice or a chicken rice porridge if you will, with lots and lots of flavor. The Filipino version I’ve grown up loving is called Arroz Caldo. It’s kinda like an Asian version of risotto but it is chock full of ginger and garlic. I have regular cravings for it. It’s best topped with a hard boiled or soft boiled egg, some fresh cut up scallions, chicken (I literally just salt and pepper some chicken tenders and pan fry them. Then I chop them up), and if you’re feeling fancy, cilantro and fried garlic pieces are delish on it too. Here’s a recipe with great reviews. And if you want to do an easy “cup of soup” version, this one is so yummy! It’s what I made below and it’s less than 3 bucks yay!

4. Grounding

Every morning I take my kids to a new playground. We are going to find every play ground in this area! At first it seems like this outing is just for the kids, but actually it’s a bit of self-care time for me too. I know there are so many benefits of getting outdoors. It’s also good to get morning sun, and now I’ve added grounding to the mix. Grounding is just touching the earth. It’s healing — and there’s actual science behind it. The earth has energy. We have energy. If we don’t intentionally touch the earth, we probably never will! There was a study on massage therapists and the results on grounding were impressive:

Results: As a group, therapists experienced significant increases in physical function and energy and significant decreases in fatigue, depressed mood, tiredness and pain while grounded as compared to not being grounded. At one-month following the study, physical function was also increased and depressed mood and fatigue were decreased.

Conclusions: We observed consistent beneficial effects of grounding in domains highly relevant to massage therapists, namely pain, physical function, and mood. These findings, combined with prior results from this trial indicating improvements in inflammatory biomarkers, blood viscosity and heart rate variability (HRV), suggest that grounding is beneficial to massage therapists in multiple domains relevant to their occupation, supporting overall health and quality of life.

All I know is it’s something so simple and free and couldn’t hurt, but can definitely help. I tried it one Thursday and usually I’m soooo tired by that evening and have no energy because I’m go go go Monday-Thursday. Well, I did the grounding in the morning, and I was sooo energetic by the end of the day. I was also in the best mood and didn’t have back pain like I normally do (that has since returned though boo). It was crazy! I thought it was actually Wednesday- that’s how energized I was. And also, I was pmsing, so that says a lot. Anyways, let me know if you try it, and let me know if it makes a difference. Here’s another cool article about grounding if you’re curious about what the heck it is.

Similar white sandals here.

5. How to get your kids to smile big in photos with cake involved

Ok, so apparently if you just say “Whoever smiles the biggest gets the biggest piece of cake!” you get these crazy big grins. I think Noah was the obvious winner haha!

See how I made the letters like a hill, see? 🙂

Well that’s all folks! I hope you have a treasure of a weekend and get some grounding in. See you next week.

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