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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy Friday! Today is the first day of potty training! With my firstborn, Noah, I did the Potty Training in 3 Days book. It worked like a dream, so I reread it, and Luke has already gone potty in the potty 3 times this morning. Cannot recommend this book more! What are you up to this weekend? Here’s what else I’m currently digging.

1. Soap Brows

I’m experiencing playing around with the soap brow trend! When my friend Sabrina showed it to me a long time ago, I was like YUCK. Now I’ve kind of warmed up to the idea. I definitely like a flatter brow as opposed to a brow with too much of an arch. I think a flatter brow looks more youthful. What do you think? (I use this soap that’s great for acne prone skin- I’ve looked up all the ingredients)

Soap Brows
Using eye shadow colors from my favorite eye shadow palette- Anastasia’s Soft Glam.
Using Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush (Also acne safe)

2. Coloring Book Hack

You know how if you give kids a coloring book, they just scribble on each page deeming the entire coloring book useless after one use? I finally got smart about this problem. Here’s the solution. I let each kid choose a page, tear out the page, and I choose a page, tear out a page, and we all set out to coloring our pages from start to finish. Then we hang up our piece on the wall. Coloring with them makes them want to do it more as we are spending quality time together. They also see how nice it is to color in an entire page. They copy me. Then they are proud of their finished product and are happy to have it displayed on the wall. Are there moms reading this saying yeah we already do that. Probably. I’m usually late to discover these common sense things! But alas, in case I’m not the only one. This little trick has made our coloring books last so much longer.


3. Fair Scones + Creme Fraiche + Lemon Curd

Found these fair scones at a local grocery store along with this yummy lemon curd. It is so delicious with creme fraiche. Let me know what you think if you try it! Now I need a cup of tea!


4. Balloons that Can Link Together

I’m definitely going to implement this for the next birthday party I have to plan. It’s so cute! What a genius idea.


5. Kid’s Nature Parks

Every city we’ve moved to has had these wonderful little kid’s nature parks that differ from your typical playground. Does your city have one? It’s worth looking into. Since splash pads were cancelled this summer, it was so nice that this nature park had a bubbling meandering brook full of logs to climb on. My kids spent so much time going up and down the brook. The park also had lots of tunnels, bridges, tiny hills and trenches for toddler fun, a fossil dig sand pit, a three story playground structure, another playground area, a zip line, a large mulch hill, and two large log playground structures. These kid’s nature parks are just genius. Sometimes I just want my kids outside, not on a playground structure, but playing in the dirt, you know Soap Brows?

We have really enjoyed our six months here in Tri-Cities, WA but will be moving back to the Seattle area in a couple weeks. Lots of fires all around. I’m praying for everyone in Washington, Oregon, and California, and I hope you and your family are safe.

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