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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy Friday! I’m feeling the effect of dark rainy days and pmsing all at once today. No energy. Almost every month I feel disappointed that I can’t sustain the energy and productivity that I feel for the first two weeks of my cycle. It’s a humble reminder of my humanity and a chance to force myself to be gracious, put down the to-do list, and relax. Like most things, easier said than done. Nothing makes me more excited this week than staying in bed in the mornings. But, here are a few other things that are making me smile:

1. The Best Use of Arugula IMO

I’ve always had a soft spot for arugula because my mom would eat buckets of it. It was her favorite green to eat. Over the years I’ve found it becoming my obsession too but only because I’ve tossed it on top of every single white sauce based pizza I’ve run across. Peppery arugula tossed with a light lemony dressing pairs perfectly with a creamy white sauce pizza. I’ve had it over sausage and onion, prosciutto and shaved Parmesan, and my absolute favorite- mushroom and truffle oil. mmmmmm. This is not helping that I’m writing this before my lunch meal!

1. The Best Use of Arugula IMO
On a side note, have you tried Trader Joe’s truffle marcona almonds????? You MUST. Also their green grapes and fresh figs are fabulous right now, and they have the best uncured salami.
 Use of Arugula IMO
When in doubt, always opt for shaved Parmesan.
Arugula IMO
This amazingness is from Spark Pizza if you happen to be in the Seattle area.

2. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is my favorite blue. It’s so bright and vibrant, don’t you think? I just got a cozy sweater in cobalt blue and have been wearing it to laze around the house.


Some other great cobalt blue pieces for apple shapes if you’re in the market:

3. Finally Figuring Out a System of Organizing My Lazy Susan

First of all, Susan, you are very very industrious and not lazy at all! The pictures don’t look great, but I have to say I’m soo soo happy that I found a system I feel like I can live with. Excuse our makeshift kitchen. We are waiting for our cabinets to arrive.

In the past I’ve had such a hard time organizing our lazy Susan, and it makes sense because I was using rectangular and square shaped containers in a round area! I got rid of all those containers and instead replaced them with round turntables- six of them to be exact. There’s enough room for three turn tables for each level. Here are similar turn tables. It makes sense to use round containers for a round space! It’s not even the fact that these turn that makes them more convenient. It’s the fact that all my similar items are separated into different containers that makes the system feel right! You can see how I organized it all in the captions Arugula:

The perimeter of the top houses all my spices alphabetically. The perimeter of the bottom houses all of my mixed spices (spices that have more than one ingredient).

This is what each of my turn tables house:

4. A Temperature Specific Hot Water Boiler

This can definitely be listed under non essential first world conveniences that make things just a little sweeter. One of Nate’s pet peeves is drinking too hot coffee, so he switched out my regular hot water boiler for this thing. I guess the perfect temperature for drinking coffee is 140-160 degrees according to my hubby. Turns out he’s right! This little machine has made our mornings a little sweeter, and with so much craziness going on in the world, it’s these simple things that make all the difference.

We have a Krups. This one is a similar Krups.

5. A Simple Parenting Tip from Cup of Jo

I saw this one day and immediately decided I want to do this with my kids! Since kids aren’t getting to socialize so much these days, I thought it would be perfect to start implementing.


Well that’s it guys! I hope you have a healthy and cozy weekend wherever you are. See you next week!

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