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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

This was a picture from the mom’s group in Tri-Cities that I was a part of. Isn’t that sunset and bridge beautiful?! Our family would bike this trail often.

How’s your week going? This week I had the biggest revelation. I already know that I am an extreme extrovert (100% according to the tests) and that I gain my energy from being around other people, which is why it was so strange to me that when we were living in isolation and sheltering in place in Tri-Cities, WA since March, I have been energetic, happy, and productive there despite not getting any social interaction apart from my kiddos during the day and my husband at the end of the day.

And then we moved back to the Seattle area. It rained for it seemed like a week straight, with dark cloudy skies. Our house is in a forest with towering pines surrounded all around so we get no sunlight in our house either. I’m still trying to convince Nate to install some skylights. Anywho, after moving back I have NOT BEEN OKAY. I had no energy, no motivation, was sad, and didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Turns out I gain my energy from people or sunshine.

We were in Tri-Cities in a home pouring with natural light with no tree in sight, and we were there during their warm, sunny summer. I don’t even remember it raining from March-September. I’m sure it did, but I just don’t recall because all I remember were sunny days! Good news is I booked a girl’s night out with a few of my friends and the next day was crazy productive to the point where I was cleaning even baseboards. So, cheers to people and sunlight! Here’s what else is making me happy.

1. A Budget Girl’s Solution to Finding Bedding for Hot Sleepers

I run cold. My husband runs soo soo hot. He warms up the bed for me before I sneak in. I have been looking for a budget friendly solution to our problem of waking up dripping in sweat from our duvet and sheets. I’ve been eyeing sheets from Brooklinen or Parachute but they are soo soo expensive. I found 100% linen sheets from Pottery Barn at Goodwill and they were so rough. Finally, I found a solution! A linen and cotton blend sheet set that is soft to the touch and totally cool and breathable. It is also budget friendly! I also didn’t know that there was an option for a blanket other than a duvet. We switched out to this thin coverlet as well and both of these changes have been perfect. We never wake up hot anymore!

A coverlet is just thick enough to feel like it’s a blanket but thin enough to stay cool!

2. My Go-To Broccoli and Cheese Recipe

My husband loves this recipe! It’s nice to have a good one on hand.

3. Halloween!

I’m excited for Halloween if not for just the fact that it’s a reason to dress up and celebrate something this year. Not sure what we are dressing up as though!

Similar costume.

4. Fall Photo Ops

Even though I don’t love fall, I DO love all the colorful photo opportunities. Pumpkins, fallen leaves, trees- it all is really beautiful. I love to stop and take in all the colors.

Similar flat cap.
Similar navy and white striped top.

5. The Social Dilemma

I feel like this is a must watch for everyone! Especially moms of girls. I know it feels like yet another problem we’re encountering in 2020 but actually it feels like something we have control over right this minute unlike the wildfires and Covid and racial injustice. Have you seen it? What do you think?? I immediately deleted all my social media accounts on my phone. I need Facebook for my blog and business on my computer, but it’s just so nice to not have them on my phone. It’s been a few weeks now and I haven’t looked back! I feel like it’s freed up so much time. I’ve taken up sewing and have tackled my to do list with fervor. Above all, I feel like my time is my own again. The first week I could feel the pull to grab my phone and check Facebook notifications. That alone made it clear I was addicted to Facebook! Now it’s just real conversations via text and phone calls and meetups with friends in person (no more than 5 per week outside of our home). Here’s the trailer if you’re interested.

If you’re still not convinced to limit your social media, consider this article that has made me decide to give my kids “dumb” phones once they are of age- Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation?

Well that’s all for now. What are you up to this weekend? I’m escaping my kids and meeting my brother in the city for my monthly day off to mall walk (with masks on), get desserts from the Asian grocer, and find some oxtail pho. Have a good one!

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