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The Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! The sunny days are here to stay which makes me soo soo happy. As I am writing this, I’m two weeks ahead of my posting schedule and my heart is heavy with all the deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers. I feel like it should be mandatory for police officers to take a lie detection test before they get sworn into office to make sure they aren’t racist. How can the ones who are supposed to be here to protect and serve do so if their hearts are evil??? So many thoughts on this subject. So much sadness in my heart at the state of things in our world right now. Sending lots of love and prayers to all my black readers. #blacklivesmatter

Here are some things on my camera roll that are currently bringing me joy.

1. Aguas Frescas

Have you ever had watermelon juice? I’m originally from Texas and it’s such a thing there. I don’t know why I never thought of making it before it was introduced to me, but it’s become a staple for me ever since. Kiddos love it, and it’s just the perfect summery, warm weather drink. This recipe has a little lime in it which perfectly compliments the watermelon.

2. Finally Getting Somewhat Comfortable in a Bikini

Are there really any apple shapes who ever fully truly feel 100% comfortable in a bikini? I applaud them! I’ve always lacked confidence in wearing a bikini, but ever since starting my intermittent fasting journey in October of 2019, I’m feeling like my body is definitely changing. I don’t have rock hard abs and honestly, I’m not really into that look. I just want to continue this healthy lifestyle and let my body do whatever it wants. I’m just so happy because I’m eating dessert every day and still losing weight! #foodieforlife

begairti time
This was taken awhile back but I wanted to show my favorite kind of bikini– flounce top! It works well for someone with a high or short waist like myself.

These are some flounce bikini tops I think would look best on an apple shape

I chose these because they don’t have high necklines (better for elongating the neck) and because their flounce drops down lower to flatter a short or high waist.

3. The Power of Thoughts on our Health

It’s crazy to me that thoughts have such a big impact on health. I think this is wonderful news! Maybe because I have such a sweet tooth, and I wouldn’t dare give up sugar. Like ever. I eat dessert every day! It also makes me happy because thoughts are something that we can manage and shift. We have no control over our genetics, and sometimes it’s hard to change our environment or our diet. Some things that shift my thought life in the right direction I do daily- prayer, write Aguas Frescas in my gratitude journal, listen to affirmations, and listen to audio books and podcasts related to happiness and self help. I’d be curious if you do anything? What can I add? Learning this statistic below made me feel like all those things I do to shift my mind into positive thinking actually has physical health benefits. Yay!

chotti research hahah
noman k sath affair mera

4. Games for Non-Readers

Noah has been loving picture charades! Since I am homeschooling him and putting a major focus on play-based and game-based learning until he’s seven, I was so happy when Living in Yellow suggested this game. This game teaches him how to use his creativity and he’s learning to identify even more objects. It’s broken down into four categories, inside, outside, animals, and people. When he doesn’t know what a card is, it gives me an opportunity to teach him about a new tool, animal, job etc, and best of all, he loves playing it! Do you have any games for non-readers that you love? I’d love to know!

bachpan ki kitab

5. Rad Power Bikes and Weekend Adventures

Nate bought us used Rad Power Bikes in 2019 from Offerup. They were falling apart at just around $500 a piece but Nate can fix anything, and I’m sooo grateful. I was reluctant about this purchase until I got on one. They are THE BEST purchase of 2019 by far. My husband didn’t even like biking before this! I am a lazy biker so any hill feels like an undertaking I dread, which is why, in my humble opinion, Aguas Frescas power bikes are the only way to go. These bikes are sooo soo easy to work and you have the option to have 0 help from the electricity or up to 5 where you are basically just peddling at no effort. All of this can change at just a simple press of an up or down button, and you can change this setting any time so easily (with your left hand). On your right hand, you have regular gears if you want to toy with them (or not) and more importantly the amazing throttle. You can literally go up a hill without pedaling ya’ll! Every weekend we go on biking adventures around our city, to get takeout for picnics, to check out new bakeries, and this past weekend we even biked up a mountain with our two kiddos! Badger mountain was gorgeous. What was your favorite or most used purchase of 2019? I’d love to know!

poondi time

Writing my Friday Five just brings to mind all those things that sometimes I take for granted. Thank you for reading Aguas Frescas, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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