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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

How’s everyone’s week going? Today I feel surprisingly productive. That probably means next weekend my energy will be shot and I’ll be in my pajamas laying on the couch. It’s funny how these things work. Here’s what I’ve been obsessing with this week!

1. Planting artificial plants outside.

Yes you read that correctly. I did the unthinkable. My fantasy self is a master gardener and landscaper and Planting artificial plants outside let me tell you! My real life self doesn’t want to be in the cold, doesn’t want to deal with yet another killed plant, and doesn’t want to waste another cent on said killed plant. My real life self also doesn’t want to maintain anything out in the cold. Soooo, I have fully embraced my black thumb and gone to the dark side. Doesn’t look too fake I think!

Before: (looks like nobody who lives here cares!)

Work in progress:

I used these flowers and cannot recommend them enough! Hardy UV resistant plastic! I threw this moss around.

2. This Homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette tossed with This Salad:

Anytime I go to a restaurant these days, I come home trying to recreate salads. We went to The Stone House in Redmond for date night and they had the most amazing salad with arugula, candied pecans, slivered radishes, matchstick green apples, and Gorgonzola cheese. I made this amazing raspberry vinaigrette and tossed it with these ingredients above. The result was worth writing home about. I’ve been telling all my friends about this creation, and this combo has been saved in my “Recipes I love” tab on my phone.

Before the dressing.
Planting artificial plants outside
After the dressing and served with buttery toasted sourdough and Traeger Competition Ribs (the best!!!!)

3. Personal Capital

I just discovered this free budgeting app that I love because unlike anything I’ve used in the past, it takes into account a person (or couple’s) entire financial picture. All the other apps I’ve used in the past ( I still use Every Dollar as well) only allow you to put in your bank accounts. Personal Capital allows you to put in your mortgage, investments, life insurance, 401k, IRAs, etc! This allows you to actually see your true net worth and is a great tool if your goal is to retire early. You can see in real time what gains and losses happen over all the accounts you have. You can check it out here.

Planting artificial
It looks like this in your app store.

4. Getting a Three Hour Mommy Break Every Week

It’s crazy to me how I can spend on food and restaurants without batting an eye, but when I think about the idea of getting our babysitter to come every week, I feel guilty! I think we all have different tolerances for what we spend on. Finally I feel like this quarantine is getting to my mental health, and I need more of a break than I’m getting. I realized this when I went to a dentist appointment and was excited to go. Nobody who is getting adequate breaks from kiddos is excited to go to the dentist! I love my two boys, but I’m better at loving them when I get regular breaks. I get a break on weekend nights when Nate puts them to bed and I leave the house, and I take a monthly day off where I usually go spend the day with my brother in the city. This is still not enough for me! Before quarantine I was getting 2 hours at the gym most days. I also don’t count naptimes for Luke as a real break because even though Luke is napping and Noah is watching his one hour of tv time, I still get interruptions. I wouldn’t feel like I was a getting a break if one of my kids was at school or if I was hiding in the other room and could hear them.

A true break for me is when I have no kids and no chance of being interrupted.

I think this is a know yourself better situation, but for me this truly is what makes my breaks feel rejuvenating. I’d rather have fewer of these true breaks than have a bunch of pseudo breaks.

I love these cuties better when I take time to leave them periodically.

5. Aviators

I’m under the belief that there’s no such thing as a person who doesn’t look good in aviators. Anyone want to challenge this? haha I’m back to loving aviators especially for casual outfits.


Here are some good aviator options if you’re in the market:

That’s all for now! I hope you have a good weekend!

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  • Planting artificial plants outside

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