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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

The Friday Five
I can’t believe this is five minutes from where we live!

Happy Friday! Today Nate is working from home and doing our cabinets. We had our extended family potluck last weekend and our theme was soup, salad, and bread. So much good food! I made this creamy cauliflower soup and topped it off with truffle oil and parmesan. Of course I had to have crusty buttery sourdough bread with it! Here’s what else I’m loving:

1. A Simple Favor

Have you seen this movie? It’s a thriller, which is basically as scary as it gets for horror scaredy cats like myself. I love this movie because it’s one that couples can watch happily together. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend! Here’s the trailer:

2. My Favorite Raw Garlic

I cannot believe it took me sooooo long to get on board with this cooking hack. Literally my brother and my best friend Lynne, both foodies and amazing home cooks, told me about this hack and I ignored it for so long! I was committed to my fresh raw garlic from the produce section. The problem with garlic from the produce section, at least for me, is that I can never get through an entire bulb in time before it starts to sprout, or mold, or basically go bad. After wasting so much money and seeing so many garlic bulbs go bad, I finally gave in and started buying raw, peeled garlic in bulk at Costco and at my brother and best friend’s recommendation, freezing them! Genius solution. Any time I need garlic now, I just pull some out of the freezer, pop them into the microwave for 15 seconds, and then mince or smash them as needed. The other alternative would be already minced garlic in a jar but I find the frozen raw version with no additives to be the closest to the real thing because the minced version also has phosphoric acid and water.


3. Art Projects for Kiddos

I found these two art projects in the book I’m using to homeschool my five year old- What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know. Since I’m always looking for cool craft projects for my boys, I thought I’d share! Sponge painting and making collages out of old magazines:


4. Switching to T-Mobile Prepaid

A few weeks ago my brother and I were discussing our phone plans. I was with Sprint paying $130 a month for unlimited data and paying off my phone monthly. He made a good point that with me being mostly at home using wi-fi, I didn’t actually need unlimited data. He told me to check my usage on my Sprint account. Friday Five A Simple Favor Turns out he was right! I was using less than 1 gigabyte. I have loved switching over to T-mobile’s prepaid plans. I paid off the rest of my phone in full, and swittched to T-mobile’s $15 a month plan. After taxes that’s going to be a $110 savings per month! Nothing on my phone’s interface changed, I’m not on a contract, and I was able to keep my same phone number! Best of all, if I run out of data, it doesn’t charge me more money so I’ll never get a surprise bill. If you run out of data, you just won’t be able to go online or use the apps that require data. You can call them to add more data. Also a prepaid plan doesn’t have to involve any cards you have to refill. All it means is you pay at the beginning of each cycle instead of at the end. I got the unlimited talk and text with 2 gb of data per month for $15 a month. You can check it out here.

Switching carriers doesn’t mean switching my phone’s interface or my phone number!

5. The Most Used Clothing Item I’ve Gotten From Aliexpress

Aliexpress doesn’t usually boast of the best quality of clothing, but I’ve had really good luck with this top! It’s held up in the wash, doesn’t fit too snuggly, and is the perfect dark quarter sleeve top with a somewhat deep neckline. It is also the absolute perfect length! Check it out here if you’re in the market. Friday Five A Simple Favor


I hope you have a beautiful fall weekend! See you next week!

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  • Friday Five A Simple Favor

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