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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy Friday! What are you guys up to this weekend? Nate is ripping out our makeshift cabinets (he built previously) now that our new cabinets are here, and I’m going to get a (masked) foot massage. I’m so excited! Here is what I’ve been obsessing with recently.

1. Abstract Portraits

Have you seen this amazing artist on Etsy? She does these abstract custom portrait paintings I’m in love with Friday five Abstract Portraits:


I was so inspired I thought I’d try my hand (of course with no art experience or skill!) and threw a bunch of random colors together to create portraits of my sons. I highly recommend this activity next time you want to spend quality time with your kiddos painting! It was really fun and cathartic. I just used watercolor on construction paper. Here’s Luke:

Does it look like him?

2. My Favorite Beans and Rice Recipe

Do you have recipes you make over and over because you crave them ever so often? That’s what these two recipes are. Basically any time I’m craving rice and beans, I make this. This rice recipe is from a Brazilian high school friend of my brother’s. It has an entire pod (about 12 cloves!) of garlic. I use this simple (it uses canned beans) but delicious black beans recipe and sometimes add corn. Whenever I serve this to guests, they always ask for the recipe!


3. Nail Strips That Have Lasted Over Two Weeks With No Sign of Coming Off Yet

My friend got me hooked on Dashing Diva nail strips! I’ve tried others like Jamberry and Color Street but these have lasted longer than any others! One nail did come off but it was easy to apply another strip. With the size of my nails, I’m able to get four applications out of one $7.99 pack. At this rate that’s $7.99 for at least two months of polished nails. It’s a great deal! I don’t think I can go back to shellac (expensive plus have to find childcare) or nail polish (never lasts and never looks as good as shellac or nail strips). Nail strips are the perfect compromise!


4. Bringing Back the Poncho

In case you missed this post, I’m back into wearing my poncho my favorite way- with a longer black and white striped top underneath and a pop of red. Red with black and white stripes always feels very French chic to me. What do you think?!

winter outfits, winter fashion 2017, cute winter outfits

5. Kate Baer Poetry

I’ve never been really into poetry, until recently since I’ve discovered Kate Baer. Her stuff just feels like everything any woman at her bravest has ever thought but was afraid to say or didn’t know how to put into words– perfectly written in succinct verse. Here’s one poem found on A Cup of Jo I loved!

That’s it! I hope you have a restful weekend. I’m going to try and carve out some time to read poetry. Have a great one.

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