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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

How’s your Black Friday going? I gave up standing in lines ages ago for sales, but I do remember how fun it was for my brother and I to challenge ourselves to wake up super early after being in a carb coma the night before. Not an easy task let me tell you. This week we ate German food and drank cherry hard cider outside in the cold and in the dark at a local restaurant, and it was soooo worth it. Even with this pandemic, there is so much still to be excited about. Here’s what’s on my mind lately-

1. Red and pink forever

I have always been a rebel when it comes to fashion. They make a rule (whoever “they” are haha), and I go out of my way to break it. No white after labor day? Did it. No black with brown? Did it. So of course I have to wear red and pink together. I love this color combo so much!

The Friday Five
I’m wearing Hourglass Ambient Blush in Luminous Flush and a mixed color from the out of stock Anastasia Lip Palette.

2. My current favorite Trader Joe’s find

Do you like toffee? Butter? Salty and sweet desserts? This is sooo soo good!


3. People trump tasks.

Thanksgiving at home. So sad right? I miss my parents who live in the Philippines. My mom isn’t doing too well and it sucks to be across the world, helpless. With the slower pace of life in 2020 and sheltering in place with my most dear, it does put everything in perspective. So often, without even realizing it, I put my to- do list over the people in my life. So my new motto going for this this– People trump tasks. ALWAYS. I always knew people trump stuff, people trump money, but I didn’t realize I was putting accomplishments over people. When it comes to getting things done versus prioritizing the people in my life, it takes intentional shift in focus for me to choose people over my to do list. I’m so thankful for this realization. My mom used to always say,

“We may not have much, but we have each other.”

And I always believed that. Now I’d like to add my own necessary sentiment,

“We may not have done much, but we have each other.”


4. Phone Calls, Texts, and Marco Polo

It’s so easy to find things to complain about this year isn’t it?! I miss my friends soooo soo much, but that’s okay. You know what hasn’t changed and is the soul of it all? Connection. I know we can’t physically be with a lot of people we love, but with technology, we can still have connection. It’s not as good as face to face. I mean nothing is, right? But there’s still something so sweet about being able to connect in spite of the distance. These phone calls, Marco Polo threads, and text messages throughout the day are my bread and butter for my 100% extroversion.


5. The BEST Dustpan

This is one of those things listed under “small but regular pet peeves.” The dustpan I had before and every dustpan I’ve ever had in the past always required me to put one foot on top of the dustpan so I could actually get all the dust on the dustpan instead of under the dustpan. Do you know what I’m talking about?! It’s super annoying that so many dustpans work this way.

I forgot all about this amazing dustpan recommended by one of my mom friends (aren’t all the best ideas from mom friends?!) until yesterday when Nate came inside and brought the dustpan in and said, “This is a really great dustpan!” He knows exactly what I’m talking about, and he is not one to be enthusiastic about anything or give raving reviews about anything because he’s such a stickler for quality. Coming from him, a compliment on a dustpan means a lot! So yes, get your hands on this dustpan and say goodbye to ever needing to step on a dustpan with your foot ever again (or you can, and this dustpan actually has a place for your foot to step on that is not the pan area!). Friday Five Red and pink forever


Well that’s it! I hope you get some sunshine this weekend, wherever you are!

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  • Friday Five Red and pink forever

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