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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

How’s your week going!? So much has been going on around here. Christmas decorations are up, and I’m feeling all the feels. My grandma, mamagrand passed away. She was 96 years old and died peacefully in her sleep. I’m thankful to have her influence in my life and her prayers for me all these years. Though it’s sad to know she’s gone, I’m happy hers is a life well lived. Here are other things making me smile.

1. This video of my mamagrand that made me laugh

My aunt posted this on the family thread right after my grandma died. Even in the midst of loss, it’s nice when you can find something to laugh about! I wrote about my mamagrand back when I wrote a dating column too. You can read more here.

2. Romantic cards appropriate for the times we live in

This card from the Cup of Jo Gift Guides made me chuckle, and I’m going to make it for Nate!


3. Another quarantine approved activity idea- fishing with the boys

I have not appreciated the great outdoors more than during this pandemic, and we are always trying to find more activities to get us out in nature. We recently took the boys fishing on a boat at the lake by our house, and Noah caught his own dinner! Nate cleaned the fish and showed the boys how to fillet it right then and there. Then, as soon as we got home, I seasoned it, pan fried it until it was crispy, and served it with steaming rice and veggies. Noah was so proud and can’t wait to go again.

What inspired this outing

The show “Becoming You” made such an impression on me. It’s a documentary series that delves into what’s going on in a child’s mind from 0-5 years of age. The narrator was talking about how at 5 years old, a child is starting to ask the questions, Where do I belong? What is my role in this family? It’s a great time for them to take on activities that give them purpose within the family unit so they can see they are an integral part of it. They feel useful, and that gives them confidence. I highly recommend the show! The first episode is free. Here’s the trailer:


4. A new daily devotional practice

I’ve read through the Bible a couple times, and I’ve done different Bible reading devotionals, but I only recently started doing reading plans on the Bible.com app. It’s wonderful! You can choose what you want to read about, be it anger, anxiety, grief, purpose, work, parenting, marriage etc… and plans will pop out with a devotional reading and bible verses to go with them. This is the one I’m currently doing and enjoying:

This is the free Bible app where you can search for plans based on subject:


And this is something I loved reading from this specific plan:

5. A smoky eye and a glossy lip with no place to go

I have been doing my makeup at home just for fun! Cuz 2020 and why the hell not?! This pic from back in my makeup artist days at Sephora inspired me. So this weekend, when you have nothing to do and just want to do something creative for yourself, bust out the good ole’ classic smoky eye and nude glossy lip duo. Because no one should have to have a reason or a place to go to feel sexy as hell idea- fishing.

me look
The best tingly lip gloss! My current favorite drugstore mascara –great if you like “Better than Sex” mascara.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  • idea- fishing

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