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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

What are you up to today? I am having consecutive days of no energy. Today, I decided to rewatch “The Wedding Planner” while folding laundry. Mind you, I don’t think it’s possible to fold laundry any slower, but the movie was just as cute as I remember. The sun is poking through the pine trees in my back yard, and I’m trying my best to muster up the energy to get my kids and myself outside for a much needed boost of energy. It’s just one of those days, ahem, I mean weeks. Nonetheless, I’ve still made some exciting discoveries like…

1. Giada in Italy + A New Favorite Fish Dish

I’ve only seen one episode of this show, as I’m not usually much for cooking shows, but the first episode was fantastic! It had me wanderlusting after the beautiful cliffsides of the Amalfi coast, and it was a treat to hear some of the cultural snippets Giada threw in- I did not know that some of the restaurants on the cliffside have tables across the road so servers have to watch out for traffic when they bring their dishes to the dining tables!

Her citrus with gelato looked easy and fresh. The main fish dish full of capers, briny black olives, and vine ripened tomatoes was superb! My hubby and I both loved this dish. I’ve added it to my favorites collection and have made it twice already since watching the show. I didn’t have the right fish on hand, but it tasted great with the sole I found at the grocery store Giada in Italy. Since then, I’ve texted this recipe to three of my friends! I love that it is easy and delicious.

The Friday Five
Friday Five

2. Christmas Decor is up + Personalized Chalkboard Stocking Holders

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s nice to have a peaceful area in my home that’s twinkling and bright. If there was ever a year we needed Christmas decor, it is this one. My favorite thing we have in terms of Christmas decor are these chalkboard stocking holders! It’s cute to see all our names on the mantel. Nate used a permanent white marker on them instead of chalk. Also if you’re working from home and want to feel the holiday spirit but can’t work with music playing in the background that has vocals, I’d recommend asking Alexa to “play instrumental Christmas music.” So relaxing Giada in Italy !

home sweet maison

3. Home Sweet Maison

If you’re a Francophile at all like me, you’ll enjoy this book about French homes and traditions centered around the home. Even if you’re not into all things French, you might enjoy this if you are like many of us in pandemic times, organizing and focusing a lot on making the home cozy and comfortable. It’s an interesting take on the purpose and function of all the rooms in the home. It’s inspired me to purge my kitchen cabinets and has gotten me excited about entertaining again once Coronavirus is behind us.


4. The Holidate

If you’re part of my Facebook group, you’ve already seen me mention this movie. It will bring you back to a pre-Covid time of large indoor gatherings for New Year’s and every major holiday and holiday crowds blissfully congregating at the mall. I almost completely forgot about the love story! Instead, I was so completely transfixed on the idea of wearing a sexy New Year’s Eve dress with gigantic statement earrings, doing my hair and makeup for a night out, and dancing with a big, crowded room full of people. Ahhhhhh the good ole’ days! This is one of those movies to see if you too are missing crowded parties and celebrations. It really made my heart skip a beat!

bold eyeshadow

5. Bold eyeshadow colors

With no one to see and no place to go, I’m doing something weirdly cathartic. I’m putting on bold colors on myself to counteract the dark and dreary days. What do you think? Somehow weirdly enough, throwing on a bright lip or eyeshadow perks me up.

charming eyes
Back in my Sephora days.

Similar colors here:

I hope you get some sunshine and enjoy the outdoors this weekend! We are planning on masking up and meeting up with my best friend’s family and walking around a little Viking town this weekend. See you next week!

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