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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

As I’m writing this, it is the darkest day of the year oh my! I’m feeling it. It’s to the point that I’ve bribed my kids with the promise of a piece of candy — to please go outside! This mamma needs a little space. I just spent the whole morning cooking a recipe I loved growing up, and then when I tasted it at the end, I was immediately over it. There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of preparing a meal so unsatisfactory. I’m also witnessing the strange phenomenon that once I’m finally done with the entire process of doing laundry- wash, dry, fold, put away– it’s that very minute that the laundry has piled up high enough that I must start the wash again. Basically, it has not been the most stellar of days. Still, as someone who is obsessively, religiously, a slave to my gratitude journal, there are things to be excited and happy about. Here are five of them I’m currently thinking about!

1. Custom Line Art for Couples

Are you in the “buy yourself a little something just because spring is here” camp? I am! I love line art and decided an $18 (it was on sale) custom couples print would totally be worth it! This piece went perfectly in our mid-century modern master bedroom. You can find the awesome Etsy artist here.

The Friday Five
Original photo the artist used to create our custom line art.

2. The Best, Easiest Boozy Tiramisu

I tried my hand at tiramisu last week, and it was a huge hit! Nate loved it so much and was so proud of it, he brought some to his Italian co-worker. My sister in law asked for the recipe after she had some. I had no idea that 1. tiramisu was alcoholic (this recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of dark rum and it’s a no cook recipe so the alcohol isn’t evaporated) and 2. that tiramisu is so easy to make! You literally just mix the mascarpone cream with eggs, rum and sugar, dip the pre-packaged lady fingers in freshly brewed strong coffee, and pack them into a casserole dish, making two layers of both the cream and the ladyfingers. The topping is straight up 100% cocoa. Then you put it in the fridge for at least three hours. It’s a spoon-able tiramisu the first day and then holds its shape better each following day. This recipe has such amazing flavor! You can check it out here. The Friday Five


3. Houndstooth and Grandpa Style

Houndstooth is really making a comeback in my wardrobe and so is grandpa style. Maybe it’s just the weather and wanting to stay comfortable and cozy, but I find myself gravitating towards styles you’d find your grandfather wearing. I’m big on grandpa cardigans and men’s flat caps in particular. I love when women wear menswear! Are you a fan of The Friday Five?

my beauty

Similar items I’m currently obsessed with:


Flat caps:

Grandpa cardigans:

4. These Running Shoes

I’m obsessed with these running shoes! Consider these if you have wide feet and an arch. I love that they feel like they hug my foot in all the right ways, giving me such stability and balance, but they are bendy enough so my foot feels like it can land properly with toes landing on the ground first. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and cushion. I’ve just started doing zoom workouts with friends at 6am and these shoes have been amazing for doing cardio and HIIT workouts on The Friday Five.


5. Dream Moods

Have you heard of Dream Moods? I don’t know how true this site is, but it’s so fun to search the meanings of your dreams. I think there might be something to it on The Friday Five

luke sleeping
One of my favorite pictures of Luke sleeping!

The forecast says the sun is shining all week and I’m so excited for longer days. I hope you have a great weekend!

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