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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy Friday! How was your week? We are in the process of moving back to the Seattle area for a month so my husband can redo our roof. I had no idea roofs were so expensive! It’s one of those house renovations that are necessary but not exciting. But, we are excited to have a back yard again after three months living in a corporate apartment. Here are some other things I’m excited about.

1. Argyle and my forever love of “Clueless.”

Do you like argyle? My teenage life living in the 90’s and watching “Clueless” will forever make me adore argyle. I think Cher would approve of this skirt.

Argyle and my forever love of "Clueless."

2. A monthly day off

I don’t know when I started taking a monthly day off, but I can wax poetic about it. What is a monthly day off? For a stay at home mom like myself, it’s an entire day where I leave my kids with my husband and don’t come home until they are both safely tucked in bed. Nate even texts me at night, “the coast is clear.” haha! I’ve noticed this truism in my life- Clueless

It’s hard to be fully present with kids when they are always present.

After I take a day away to be with my friends all day, I come back and am excited to see my kids again the next day. Even with Covid-19 day off versions, it still feels very restorative to hike by myself and call up friends during the hike and get away. As a stay at home mom, it’s a real pleasure to have the chance to miss my kids, and since that’s not something that happens without my planning it, I always make sure to put it on Clueless calendar.

Even if you’re not a mom or even if you are a working mom, I still think having a monthly day off is a great idea! Leave the work and dishes and chores behind and go on your own version of an adventure.

3. Dutch babies

Many years back I tried dutch babies and did way too much fruit in the center. When I discovered this easy peasy yummiest recipe, I was obsessed for weeks making this for any breakfast. The process is less time consuming than making waffles or blueberries because you’re not sitting in front of the stove or waffle maker waiting for the next to add to your batch. You just stick the batter in the oven. If you’ve never had a dutch baby before, it’s like a thin popover with a soft, buttery, sweet (my fav is cinnamon and sugar) center and fluffy, crunchy, buttery, salty edges(I use salted butter for this effect instead of the unsalted butter the recipe calls for).  soooo sooo good. Like pancake’s curvaceous exotic cousin.

It was a sad sight to behold mommy inhaling her half and then asking her kiddos- “You’re full right? Can I have a piece?”  They were wiser savoring their pieces. #schooled

hello (dutch) baby!

4. Kids nature books

One of my favorite childhood memories is making nature books! Did you ever do this growing up? All you do is get one of those old school photo albums that has the clear covers and sticky backs and then collect things in nature. The fun part is putting them in your album and creating cool names for them based on how they look. It sparks the imagination and gives kids purpose on their hikes and walks. I’ve loved passing on this tradition to my own kids, and Noah is obsessed!

Nature books to fill make outdoor outings more exciting for kiddos

5. Colorful statement earrings from one of my friends

My dear friend Sabrina sent me a care package around Mother’s Day with handmade earrings. She is so creative, and has the best colorful style. Aren’t her designs so summery and happy?! You can check out her shop here.

Lightweight, vibrant leather earrings.

That’s all for now! I hope you are staying safe and well.

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