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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy weekend! We are back home, and Nate is replacing our 23 year old roof. We walked into a big flooding situation in our living room and kitchen when we moved back from Richland. Oh the joys of home ownership! Anyways it feels good to be writing my Friday Five and getting my mind off this stressful situation. Hope your weekend is more relaxing Large stretchy dark belt!

1. The Large stretchy dark belt

I know I wax poetic about my love of my large, black, stretchy belt so much, but maybe you’re new here! I just found two more old pics of this amazing waist cinching accessory. I had to share. Do you have one? It’s an apple shape wardrobe essential IMO!

*Items similar to what I’m wearing – 1st picture- Classic black suede pumps. Geometric dress. 2nd picture- Gray dress. Black layer necklace. Black peep toe boots.

2. From a Yale Course on Well Being- A super duper easy trick to eat less

As I mentioned before, I’m taking the most popular course on Yale, The Science of Well-being, and I’m learning so much! Did I mention it was free?! I wanted to share something super simple that will automatically make you eat less with just one change in your surroundings. Convenience or inconvenience plays such a big role in either good or bad habits. Check this out directly from the course-

Who knew all we had to do to be approximately 10kg lighter was to not have unhealthy food visible in our homes!

3. An Easy, Budget Friendly Phase 2 Quarantine Boy’s Birthday Party

My boys turned 5 and 2 on June 29 and 28, respectively, and it turns out the perfect phase 2 quarantine birthday party according to my 5 year old meant skipping the balloons, matching plates and silverware, banner, $80 Spider-Man cake and all the Pinterest worthy fluff and just splurging on an entire case of silly string – aka Spider-Man webbing- (with silly string shooters) and an entire case of water balloons and then inviting his best friend Kaleo over for an epic day of Spider-Man fights. Of course there was a “Happy birthday” song and a cake, candles and pizza. Easiest and cheapest party ever! And more importantly, the boys could not be happier. Noah said, “This is the best birthday party ever!” Followed by, “This is the best day ever!” #easypartyplanningyay#momishappytoo

The Large stretchy dark belt

4. Wearing a Fanny Pack as a cross body/messenger bag instead of on the waist

I’ve had this fanny pack for some time now and I finally found a way to make it work for me! I tried it low on the hips, and it felt weird and awkward. I tried it right on my waist which of course added bulk to exactly where I don’t want to add bulk. Finally, wearing it as a cross body or messenger bag works! I wear the pockets on the small of my back like in the pictures below. On the front side it looks super flattering creating a diagonal line across the body. Have you ever worn it like this? What do you think?

If you’re in the market for a fanny pack, these are some good options that are less bulky and lay more flat like the one I have:

5. Cuban Takeout to get me out of my takeout rut

I don’t know about you, but the farther we are getting into sheltering at home, the less and less appealing takeout feels. I acknowledge it’s a first world problem, and I’m so thankful for all the cuisines we have access to, but doesn’t it start to feel like all the same stuff? I finally got out of my takeout rut even though we hardly eat out except but once a week, by diving into Cuban food! Have you had it? The best things I had were masa empanadas (think of what encases a tamale and then imagine it fried and full of yummy cheese or meat) and they had the most flavorful shredded pork. Everything was amazing though from their creamy yucca to their crispy salty plantains. Even the two kinds of rice and two kinds of beans were a hit. Have you had Cuban food before? If not, give it a try!

If you happen to be in the Washington Tri-cities area, make sure to check out Havana Cafe!

Well that’s all I’ve got this week. If you have any advice on dealing with home owner’s insurance, any would be welcomed! Thanks!

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