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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

How’s everyone doing? Nate and his buddies are up every day working on the roof while I’m with the kids inside. It’s been nice putting them down at 7pm every night and still having daylight for a couple hours. Thank God for blackout curtains! I’ve been taking advantage of the long days and inviting a friend over once a week to go paddle boarding at the lake after. I love when an activity like that is equal parts social hour, time in nature, exercise, and relaxation all in one. Here are a few other things I’m excited about currently-

1. Shirts I can wear without a bra

I know I can’t be the only one who passionately hates bras. Sadly my favorite bras are the ones that are the most embarrassing to own- they are limp and ragged on the edges and have absolutely no support. If I have to wear a bra, I want to feel like I’m not wearing one. Don’t even get me started on underwire! I don’t own any. Honestly, the only reason I ever wear a bra is so that my nipples don’t poke out. (tmi sorry!) So, when I come across a top or dress that has sooo much going on in the chest area that you can’t see poking out nipples, I’m so happy! It allows me to go bra-less and still feel modest. This top below is case in point. All the ruffles hide nipples yay!

Shirts I can wear without a bra

If you’re like me and into these kinds of tops, here are some other possible bra-less options that would look good on an apple shape as well:

2. Recreating Pics with my kids

I love recreating pics with my kids. I wish I could think of some others besides these two that I’ve done or that I should do. Do you have kids? Do you do this? I’d love to incorporate some other ideas!

3. Dried Moss Art in the bathroom

I shared a post before in another Friday Five where I did moss art with my son Noah. I remember reading once in A Cup of Jo how the best place to have art is in the bathroom because it’s the only place guests have any privacy in your home and time to actually look around. I had a blank wall on the opposite side of the sink and the toilet and decided to make my own moss art. Dried moss is supposed to be a natural air cleaner, which is perfect for the bathroom! I also think the fern and the moss together pay a special tribute to living in the PNW. I used two 12 x 12 shadow boxes (something like this would work) and a lot of hot glue! I used three colors of reindeer moss and I stuffed the box with the floral foam cut to size. It was actually super easy!


4. The most comfortable house slippers

I used to be sold on just house socks with the non-slip bottoms but I kept going through so many. They’d end up with holes on the bottoms as you can see below. Then one of my good friends, Josephine, gifted me with amazing slippers (these are similar). From the first slip onto my feet, I was sold. It’s like walking on a cloud that’s hugging my feet all day. No more cold feet at my house. Just cozy cloud walking 🙂

5. A new chicken recipe

Do you ever get in food ruts where you find yourself rotating through the same recipes? I do. If you’re in one right now and you like both mushrooms and chicken, you must try this Chicken Marsala recipe! It was a big hit at our house. It’s a sweet, savory, creamy dish that pairs well with veggies and a good potato recipe or some pasta.


Well that’s it lovely ladies! I hope you have a safe and fun weekend! If there are any topics you would like featured on here, always feel free to shoot me an email- contact@midorilei.com.

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