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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Hi everyone! So now I’m up on the roof with Nate. I have sooo soo much respect for roofers after working all day on the roof several days in a row. It feels like a much needed break at the end of the day to sit at a computer and blog. Here are some other things I am excited about.

1. Homemade pop tarts

I know with the pandemic everyone’s baking more. I’m curious, have you ever made pop tarts at home? They are so yummy and nothing like the boxed versions you find at the store. Noah and I made this recipe. I highly recommend!

Also, anyone else make delicious lazy pasta by dumping bottled spaghetti sauce (this is my FAV) on top of noodles and then topping it with pan fried Italian hot sausage? Something soo soo good shouldn’t be this simple!

2. The Call of the Wild and Free

So many people are homeschooling these days because of the pandemic. I decided to home school before (at first I was kicking and screaming NOOOO WAYYYYY!) but this book was a big part of my finally embracing the decision. For anyone looking into some homeschooling resources– or the why behind it, this is a great book! For anyone with kids below 7, my favorite Chapter is The Pedagogy of Play. It will liberate you!

3. Men’s hats, especially flat caps

If you’ve never shopped in the men’s section for hats, I’d highly recommend! They always have a much much better selection of hats than the women’s section in my opinion. Plus, I love the look of menswear on women. Whatever they wear, we can wear better 😉

Here are some great men’s hat options if you are in the market:

4. Kid’s paint dobbers

For any moms who are tired of wasting money on “washable” bath crayons only to find them all broken in tiny pieces near the drain, these are the best solution for bath time drawing time! They wash off easily and kids love them. They last forever. And they are great for the under 5 crowd– painting with minimal mess. Who needs paintbrushes and watercolor paints that can spill and dirty glasses of paint water? This is the BEST.

5. Cloud Appreciation Society

While staying safe at home during this pandemic, I feel like many do, thankful to be in good health but also feeling our worlds have drastically shrunken. Do you know what has recently made my world feel expansive? The simple act of being out in nature, looking at the sky, specifically the clouds. Have you ever just stopped and stared and appreciated a cloud? I know, it’s new to me too. Did you know that cloud watching is actually a hobby? I heard about the Cloud Appreciation Society from Cup of Jo, one of my favorite bloggers. My favorite part of this article on the NY Times is this- “You start to look around and notice that a lot of people never look up.” I wanted to be one of those who do! And boy, my world has been made better for it.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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