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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Happy Friday! Today I’m feeling so grateful to my husband of ten years. Not many wives can literally say- thank you for putting a roof over our heads! I’m feeling so braggadocios about Nate today. He’s built so many things in his career in construction- a federal reserve, a sky scraper, a waste treatment plant, a bridge, and part of Boeing and Nike to name a few. I have so much respect for not just his work ethic, but his job stability. Early on in his career, an older man who was working under him told him, “Learn from my mistakes. I was a Jack of all trades and never a master of anything. Stick to one thing and become an expert at it.” Nate took this to heart. Now he’s at a place in his career where there’s nothing he can’t build! He inspires me to stick to one thing– that thing being this blog. I love writing here so much, I don’t think I’ll ever “retire.” I’m obsessed! Here are some other things I’m excited about-

1. Chanel thick framed glasses

I have been long ago obsessed with the thickest, geekiest glasses, way before I ever needed real glasses. Remember this post? But as aging would have it, since I’m 2 years away from being 40, I finally had to get prescription glasses. I was secretly stoked! These are similar to the Chanel pair I’m wearing but in a tortoise shell. I just fell in love with this shape. I don’t usually spend so much on clothes or accessories but for something I have to wear day and and day out, I felt it was worth the investment, and I was right! I am so excited to wear them every day and feel they really do fit my face shape and elevate my outfits:)

Luke and I are twinning! Don’t worry he’s wearing my old non-prescription glasses 🙂

If I didn’t need prescription glasses now, I’d opt for a blue light blocking pair like any of the ones below:

2. A fried egg on top of every non-saucy pasta dish

I now follow this simple rule whenever I make a pasta dish that isn’t saucy– I toss a fried egg on top. yummm. Also, pan fried hot Italian sausage with any pasta dish is a win in my book!

3. Modern Love

Have you seen this show on Amazon Prime yet? It’s soo soo cute. My favorite is the second episode. All of the episodes can be watched separately but at the end they all tie in together. Just what we need right now- feel good, love-centric short stories without feeling too “Lifetime” if you know what I mean haha.

4. Artificial String of Pearl Plants in my Bathroom

I love the look of artificial string of pearl plants, especially in my shower! I love seeing this pop of green in my almost all white bathroom.

5. This Money Related Reality Check

I wish I remembered who posted this on Facebook, but man! What a much needed reality check if you’re trying to save money like I always am trying to. It doesn’t take much daily to save a lot by the end of the year.

One good thing about roofing all day with hubby and then getting online at night to blog is that we have no time to waste spending money online! Cheers to safe, relaxing, and productive weekend. See you Monday 🙂

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