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The Friday Five

The Friday Five: Quarantine Edition

It’s amazing to me how my energy levels vary so drastically from day to day. I feel like if I’m super productive and energetic one day, I’m so draggy the next day. It is hard to accept my humanity sometimes! Anyways, today is one of my productive days, and when that happens I just grab the day by the horns and run with it. Here are a few things that are energizing me– quarantine style.

1. A Family Day at Ikea

This could possibly be listed under “Never did I ever think I would be so psyched about this event” but quarantine does crazy things to you let me tell ya. As soon as we went to Ikea I thought, I have to write about this! Now that shops are opening up and my kids (ages 2 and 5) are good about wearing masks, the world has opened up. It’s chilly here, in the 30s, so it’s nice to find an activity the entire family can enjoy indoors and get some walking in! A family day at Ikea is nice because 1. The kids are having fun checking out all the kids toys and all the cool showrooms. They get to open up all these fun drawers and cabinets and mostly everything is empty or harmless! It’s great fun. 2. The adults get to move through the showrooms and get fun decor and organizing inspo. 3. Everyone is walking and getting some exercise. I’m such a fan of this idea, I would even recommend it for a date night with no kids as well. You might be thinking, how is this any better than a trip to Target? The difference is showrooms and a huge space to walk through that is basically one way.

We love getting ideas from Ikea for our home which is currently being remodeled. This is the before!

2. Checking Out a New Playground Every Weekday

With the monotony of sheltering in place, any change of pace, even if it means just checking out a new playground, can do wonders for my mental health. I thrive on novelty, and this is how I get some of that on the regular. When we lived in Tri-Cities, this little hack was the best because we were in the city and the options were many. All you have to do is go to your city’s parks and recreation page and go through all the parks that have a playground. Being outdoors, getting fresh air, getting some oxygen and sunlight, and being someplace new– it’s all great! Plus you’ll feel all that mom guilt whittle away seeing your kiddos outside, exercising and playing.

We mask up and sanitize hands after playground time.
When we go home we wash hands right away!
I’ve been asked by other parents- how do you get your 2 and 5 year old to keep their masks on? And my answer is– you tell them “No mask, no playground.” And you leave as soon as someone takes their mask off. It’s a good lesson in “there are consequences to actions!”

3. Emily in Paris

I can’t think of a better show to watch while sheltering in place. I don’t care that it’s super cheesy and unrealistic. You know what it also is? Predictable. In a world that feels so unpredictable right now, I savor a bit of predictability. You know what else I love seeing? Fashion, and lots of it since I’m mostly in my yoga pants all day every day. Travel to Paris!!! — Since I’m stuck *ahem* safe at home and not doing any traveling any time soon. And girlfriend dinners since I so miss my friends and restaurant dining. It’s all so nostalgic watching this show. It’s light hearted, upbeat, positive, and the farthest thing from dark. It’s exactly what I need right now for Quarantine Edition.


4. Not Rinsing My Dishes Before Putting Them in the Dishwasher

Yup. Not doing that anymore! If Gretchen Rubin says it’s better for the environment and more effective for my dishwasher, I believe her! I’ve sped through my dishwashing routine ever since I implemented this! Now that I’ve caught up on dishes, anyone have any hacks for that never-ending beast that is laundry??Quarantine Edition?

Dishes all day every day.

5. Washing My Hair Only Once a Week and Relying on This Dry Shampoo

In case you missed it, this is how I apply dry shampoo. I have a preference for powder versions instead of spray versions because I don’t like the feeling of grit on my scalp. I like to keep it soft but voluminous. I have since moved on from cornstarch to this amazing oat powder that leaves even less of a white residue than cornstarch but I still empty out the powder and put it into a Tupperware, applying with a fluffy brush to my roots. I find that I use much less product than just spraying from the non aerosol spray. This dry shampoo is also acne safe- good for acne prone skin.

Using dry shampoo most days saves me time so I can do my makeup instead of my hair. I find doing my makeup more impactful!

That’s all for my Friday Five Quarantine edition! See you next week. I hope your weekend is safe and adventurous, as much as it can be given the pandemic.

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