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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Thank God it’s Friday! How are you feeling today? Even with the worldwide pandemic and all the sadness and uncertainty looming, I’m doing my best to create weekends that still feel different and special, especially at a time like this. Like anything else, some weekends are a raving success and others I’m eating my way through my Amazon Filipino desserts and arguing with hubby. Oh well, you try. Here are 5 things that are currently making me smile. Have a great weekend!

1. Doing my makeup most days

Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s crazy how I’m in a better mood, and I’m more productive all day when I feel pretty. #sovain!!! Oh well, it’s just the truth. Mind you I may not have taken a shower in this pic, combed my hair, OR gotten out of yoga pants, BUT I’ve done my makeup. so there #priorities.

2. Having lots of time to bake

This basque burnt cheesecake wasn’t my favorite BUT you might love it if you’re into a more custard-like, egg-y, softer cheesecake than your traditional cheesecake.

3. Family photos

Every time I see these pictures, especially while we’ve been in the midst of this pandemic, I’m reminded of a “mom-ism” my mom always used to say-

“We may not have much, but we have each other.”

The truth is, in the grand scheme of things, having each other is more than enough.

4. Making Moss Art with Noah

Noah loves making moss art with me! It’s so simple and has the added benefit of being a natural dust repellent and air purifier. We just buy the moss on Amazon. This one is reindeer moss in basil. We find flowering branches and dry the flowers in silica gel. This piece was made out of a bulletin board and lots and lots of hot glue to stick everything.

5. Outdoor family activities

I’m so so happy we have the expansive great outdoors especially right now. Noah, Nate, and I enjoyed rock climbing this weekend at Frenchman Coulee.

What’s bringing you joy right now? I’d love to know!

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