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The Recipe that Ruined Me

The Recipe that Ruined Me: I Will Never Look for Another Beet Salad Recipe Again

Beet salads are one of my favorite salads! Beets taste like, as silly as it sounds, sweet earth. The problem is that every time I go to a restaurant and order a beet salad, 9 out of 10 times they go heavy on the greens and light on the beets, goat cheese, and nuts! So, I scoured the Internet and found this amazing, I’ll-never-look-for-another-beet-salad-recipe again. Sometimes I make it with greens-Beet Salad Recipe

The Recipe that Ruined Me: I Will Never Look for Another Beet Salad Recipe Again

or sometimes I do everything but the greens, depending on my mood. I love it heavy on the beets, nuts, and goat cheese, and the dressing is sooo sooo good.


beets are perfect for pms week (luteal phase)

Just a cool FYI, according to my awesome period app, MyFLO, during the luteal phase, adding roasted or baked root veggies (like beets), helps the liver and large intestine flush out estrogen more effectively. Feeling good during all the hormonal phases of the monthly cycle is all about balancing out hormones.

root cause + food fix + lifestyle fix = happy hormones

I have to say, I love this app so much because any time I have hormonal issues, I just put it on my app and it tells me the root cause and the food and lifestyle fix. For example, since I sometimes get hormonal headaches, it talks about the root cause being a sudden drop in estrogen and the food fix is fermented soy like miso paste while the lifestyle fix is doing a 10 minute soak in epsom salts to boost magnesium levels and release tension. The suggestions work!

Do you have this period tracker? Do you like beets? Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think!

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