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Beauty for the Home

The Secret to Making Your Home Homey

I like the feeling of coming into a house and feeling instantly relaxed, comfortably and cozy. That to me describes “homey” exactly. The way I create this feeling of a pleasant, lived-in “take-your-shoes off-and-put-your-feet-up” atmosphere is simple. A place always feels more homey when there is an abundance of pillows, rugs, and most importantly… NO OVERHEAD LIGHTS.

In our home, the only places that have overhead lights are in the kitchen (you need to see everything you’re cooking), the dining room (you need to see everything you eat), and the hallway (you need to see where you’re going). When you think about it, all the other places are places where you’re most likely to lay down or plop yourself comfortably on a couch (bedrooms, guest rooms, living room, sitting rooms) Even in my office, I use “task” lighting in favor of the too glaringly bright overhead lights.

Overhead lighting feels sterile, like you’re in a waiting room at a dentist or doctor’s office.



recessed lighting,

{I just used stringed lights with large round bulbs and laid them (not touching anything else to prevent a fire hazard) on the top of the kitchen cabinets.}

You can get them from Amazon:

and Torchiere floor lamps and Secret to Making Your Home Homey

lend the kind of homey glow you want to bask in.

Secret to Making Your Home Homey

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