"> Tortoise Shell Glasses: Here's the Perfect Shape for Heart/Round Faces

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Tortoise Shell Glasses + Rounded Cat-Eye Shape

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If you have a round or heart shaped face, try this tortoise shell sunglass shape!


This picture reminded me of three obsessions.

  1. Tortoise shell glasses.

    Seriously I don’t like animal print, but for some reason tortoise shell is the exception. It just doesn’t look so “animal-ey” if that makes sense. Like when I look at it, I don’t immediately think that’s animal print. 

  2. Sunglasses with a gradient.

    It just adds another dimension to the look.

  3. The shape of these sunglasses.

    They really are great for a wide face, a round face, or a heart shaped face. Not too round, not too square, not to rectangular, not too retro. Just that classic hollywood star vibe. Too round emphasizes a round face. Too square or too rectangular emphasizes the angular chin of a heart shape or the angular jaw of a square or wide face. These shades are neither too round nor too angular, which is why they work for these two face shapes. This shape is typically referred to as a “round cat eye.”

    Here are similar shades:


Remember to choose shades that show your eyebrows when you’re not smiling!

You know what I want to try next? Actual rose-colored (lens) glasses.  Wonder if they really would make my world look better? I’m curious! Have you tried them?

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  1. Kristin Miller


    These pictures are beautiful! Your website looks very professional. I liked the article on the tortoise shell glasses- helpful! See you at the gym soon!

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