"> Unhealthy Food: How to Make Ramen and Mac and Cheese Healthier

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Friday Find: Unhealthy Food Makeovers for Mac and Cheese and Ramen

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The classic yummy unhealthy food gets a makeover.

Most of my friends know I hate to cook. I do love to eat though. I’m that foodie who doesn’t want to be in the kitchen. I have found some tricks to be able to make the unhealthy convenience food a little bit healthier. Today I’ll share what I do with two of them: boxed macaroni and cheese and packaged ramen noodles.

Unhealthy food 1: Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

  • Try to find the organic variety that uses more whole grain.
  • Add baby kale or baby spinach to the mix. You will hardly notice it’s there and it will add some much needed fiber.
  • Add a small can of tuna. This is my favorite way to eat boxed mac and cheese. It adds protein so you’re fuller longer.
  • Slice up a vegan field roast sausage and pan fry it before adding it to the mac and cheese.
  • Add some frozen broccoli heads.

Unhealthy food 2: Packaged Ramen Noodles

  • I absolutely love packaged Ramen. I’ve been to many Ramen houses and because I can’t eat shellfish, I haven’t been able to find anything better than my packaged Ramen. 🙁 So my big trick at home is recreating ramen so it’s as visually appetizing as in the restaurants.
  • First I choose the Nissin brand that doesn’t have MSG.
  • Use a large deep bowl with a wide rim so fixings can lay on the sides nicely.
  • Slice up two boiled eggs and place it on the side.
  • Sauté a couple of handfuls of baby kale in a small amount of Grapeseed oil and add soy sauce and Better than Bouillon. I add it to the side of the ramen as well.
  • Lastly, I add a couple of seaweed squares. 

Not only do these healthy additions add more nutrition to otherwise unhealthy meals, everything looks more gourmet and appetizing. The addition of protein and vegetables make the meal also more satisfying. It increases satiety to have different textures and colors in a meal. Do you use any of the tricks for unhealthy meals? What other tricks do you use? I’d love to know!

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