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Weirdly Useful: A “Stuff That Belongs to Other People” Bin for Foyer Closet

Two things that live in my foyer closet permanently.

Let’s take a trip back in time…

Okay so I’m dreaming of pre-Covid19 times today, when friends and family would swing by for weekly play dates, monthly potlucks, and impromptu sweet “just because I baked this yummy Brazilian dessert” food drop offs. (Thanks my amazing foodie friend Sol!) My heart feels warm and fuzzy just recalling these lovely events.

Every home needs this foyer bin

This “stuff that belongs to other people” bin was born out of necessity. I’d find myself with a collection of things I needed to return to people- scarves and earrings left from a game night, clean tupperware from food drop offs (thanks again Sol), letters for family who used to live here that weren’t forwarded yet, books finished and borrowed from neighborhood friends, and the odd kid’s water bottle or lovey an anonymous mom didn’t know she left behind from a play date. I’ve become one of those annoying “a place for everything and everything in its place” people after being married to Nate who is very tidy in the best way. I have messy corners and stuffed drawers and closets full of random stuff that still needs to be organized, but it feels sooo sooo good when I find an organizational solution for a collection of stuff- hence the “stuff that belong to other people” bin! Huzzzah!

Some bins with labels on the side:

The other essential in my foyer closet

We got rid of our iron once I discovered a steamer! I’m so late to the game. So glad Gal Meets Glam recommended this steamer. It’s a bit on the heavier side so if I could buy something lighter looking back, I would. Regardless of what steamer you choose, I’ve noticed that clothes last longer and I find it 100% easier and more enjoyable to steam a shirt than to iron it. I keep mine plugged in at all times (switch off) and then I turn it on when I need to. Convenience is everything. I also hang a hook on the outside of the foyer closet for the hanger the piece of clothing is on.

A clothes steamer cuts the time in half compared to ironing!

One last genius idea from Nate

Speaking of convenience, my hubby installed an outlet inside the closet! He came home after a 12 hour shift one day and decided to put an outlet in the closet for the cordless vacuum. Just. like. that. (I snuck in and claimed the other outlet spot for my steamer)

#proudwifeymoment #isthereanythinghecantdo
#ohyeahsing #hubbysohandy

Yes that’s right- an outlet inside the closet!

So that’s it! I find it super convenient, there’s that word again, to have a “stuff that belongs to other people” bin and a clothes steamer in my foyer. How about you? What’s hanging out in your foyer? I’d love to know!

*Also I must say, you see two Dyson vacuums in the picture above, one of which never gets used! Don’t spend for the traditional plug in vacuum(orange). I swear I vacuum 50% more just having the convenience of the cordless one. We own a small rambler and I can vacuum the entire home quickly in one battery charge! If it’s dirtier than most days, I may need to charge the battery and give it another go later on in the day but this is the rare occasion. The cordless version is also much much lighter and can fit in smaller nooks and crannies.

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