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Weirdly Useful: Why I’m Obsessed with Putting Pills in Containers Once a Month

A Tiny Change = A Big Difference

It’s crazy to me that getting into a good habit sometimes is as simple as making it just a tiny bit more convenient. I learned this little trick from one of my favorite podcasts, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. I’ve implemented a lot of their ideas actually with great success at increasing my happiness. One of the simple things they recommend is to put your pills in a pill box as it is harnessing the power of convenience in forming and cementing good habits. Let me explain how.

Why the Amount of Steps Matters

The amount of steps it takes really makes a huge difference just psychologically in terms of how much I’m going to dread doing an activity. And although at first glance it seems like taking pills directly from pill containers versus from a portioned out weekly pill container would require the same amount of steps, actually the daily difference is a huge amount. I have to open up individual pill containers, read the instructions to remember the portions, take out pills, and close the lid — in my case I do this 6 times for the 6 pill containers I have to open up daily. With the weekly portioned out pill containers, I just have to open up one pill container with everything already portioned out. What’s the difference in steps?

For me that’s 24 actions a day versus just 3 (open one pill container, take out all the pills, and close the pill container)!

Get Rid of Dread to Foster Good Habits

Now it’s no wonder why it was so much harder to “remember” to take my pills daily before. It wasn’t that I was forgetting, it was that I was dreading those 24 steps. Now I can handle 3 steps that require no thought at all. I replenish everything once a month (I have 4 weekly pill cases). It feels so much easier portioning everything all at the same time.

Does Supplementing Work?

I try to eat a huge variety of food and I believe we gain the most benefits from getting our nutrition from whole foods, but I also believe in the power of supplementing. My vitamin D levels were soo low when I first moved to the PNW because of how little sun we get here, but after supplementing with D3, they quickly went back to normal according to my doctor’s test results. He suggests anyone who lives in the PNW should always supplement with D3.

What I take

I take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin d3, a probiotic, calcium, magnesium, and fish oil. What do you take? Do you use a weekly pill organizer? I’d love to know!

*This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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