"> What Color Looks Best on Me: Understanding the Skin Color Palette

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what color looks best on me, what colour suits me, skin color palette

Friday Find: Another Take on Color Theory

what color looks best on me, what colour suits me, skin color palette

What color looks best on me? As a makeup artist I took a color matching test and found out I have the most possible yellow in my skin tone. I also have blonde hair. Because my hair and skin tone are in the warm color family, I try to wear a lot of cool colors to balance out my skin tone like this black and gray top.

have you ever asked yourself, “What color(s) look best on me?”

I’ve realized that because I have so much yellow pigment in my skin (warm skin tone), I actually look best with cool colors. It offsets all the warmth in my skin. I don’t look good in mustard, burnt orange or beige. I’ve noticed the opposite to be true as well. For those with a lot of pink/red in their skin, they look actually better with warm colors instead of cool colors. Someone with very red or pink tones in their skin wouldn’t want to wear too much red or pink for example. She would look great with the opposite color on the color wheel to balance out the red in her skin- blueish greens and greens. That’s why most redheads look great in green. They tend to have a lot of pink in their skin tones, so the green balances everything out.


I’ve asked myself the same question- what color looks best on me? I realized, I look great in bright cobalt blue because my skin (and hair) are in the yellow family and the opposite of the color wheel is blue. Here’s another photo shoot where I’m wearing bright cool colors (blue and fuchsia).  I’m not saying I’ll never wear yellow; I love neon yellow for example, but neon yellow tends to be the cooler shade of yellow. Same goes with pastel yellow. I can pull  off neon and pastel yellow more than mustard yellow because they are cooler tones.


what color looks best on me, what colour suits me, skin color palette

What color does your skin and hair have the most of? Choose colors on the opposite side of the color wheel to flatter your skin and hair tones. If your skin tone has cool tones, wear more warm tones. If your skin tone has more warm tones, wear more cool tones.

Next time you ask yourself “what color looks best on me?”  remember-

  • If your skin has cool tones, wear more warm tones and visa versa.
  • Whatever color your skin tone has the most of, the color that will look best on you is found on the opposite side of the color wheel.


Do you have a lot of yellow tones in your skin like me and need some style inspiration?

Turn some heads in this sporty Stella McCartney dress with flattering 3/4th black sleeves and a cobalt blue center.

The loveliest simple black and floral kimono cardigan would go nice with jeans.

Don’t forget cool toned makeup. I love this rosy purple for lips. 

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