"> What to Tell Your Colorist if You Have Dark Hair and Want to go Blonde

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Hair How-To

What to Tell Your Colorist if You Have Dark Hair and Want to go Blonde

I’ve been to many, many colorists. My hair is naturally jet black, but it’s gone to the other end of the spectrum- I’ve gone platinum blonde! I remember the sad day I left a beauty school with hair that turned greyish, greenish blonde. I remember crying in my car afterwards and feeling defeated.

I don’t want anyone else to ever go through that. The secret to getting the perfect blonde every time came from a former co-worker of mine. She told me she always tells her colorist,

“I want my blonde to be in the tonal family of PASTA.”


Hair color can be really intimidating. There are so many shades of blonde. Some are too warm and yellow-y for women with dark skin tones. Some are too cool, ashen, giving that “skunky” look, or something that looks more like it would be a shade found at your grandma’s beauty salon.

But everyone knows what pasta looks like. Everyone knows that shade. It’s that shade that looks perfectly neutral.

And that’s my secret and the reason why I can walk into any beauty school and feel confident just paying $55 bucks for a full foil.


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