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What to Watch This Weekend: 11 Light Hearted Love Centric Shows with Great Fashion Inspo

We are living through a pandemic! Life is hard enough. I want my tv shows to be fun and light hearted with plenty of style inspiration and cute love stories. Here are my favorites! I’ve watched every episode and every season of all these shows.

*all pictures from IMDB Light Hearted Love Centric

1. Younger

The appeal? Two cute love interests. Nico Tortorella. Lots of workplace fashion inspo for creative types. Diana Trout’s statement necklaces.

What to Watch This Weekend: 11 Light Hearted Love Centric Shows with Great Fashion Inspo

2. Jane the Virgin

The appeal? Petra’s wardrobe. Jane’s sundresses. Fun, happy script. Lots of crazy twists and turns.


3. Jane by Design

The appeal? Jane’s fun wardrobe. Best friend turned love interest. Workplace fashion inspo. *one caveat is that this show sadly got cancelled before the story line was finished!


4. Sex and the City

The appeal? The girl friend bonds you love to love. Lot’s of juicy romance. Lot’s of funny tell-alls at brunch and happy hour. Carrie’s wardrobe. Charlotte’s class. Miranda’s no nonsense. Samantha’s boldness.


5. The Bold Type

The appeal? Fashion forward girls following their dreams, staying true to their friendships. Samuel Page. Kat’s drive to do good in the world. Jane and Sutton’s wardrobe.


6. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

The appeal? Music and dance at its best. Zoey’s wardrobe and multiple outfits highlighting the the contrast collar. Best friend turned love interest.


7. The Carrie Diaries

The appeal? All that eccentric style. Cute love interest. New York, young love, young dreams. Austin Butler.


8. Lipstick Jungle

The appeal? Cute love interests. Smart, sexy corporate style. Females empowering females. Robert Buckley.


9. Friends

The appeal? Laugh out loud funny. The co-ed friend circle we all wish we had. Ross and Rachel love story. Rachel’s wardrobe.


10. The Baker and the Beauty

The appeal? Star meets average Joe love story. Noa’s jet-setting wardrobe. Desserts!


11. Cashmere Mafia

The appeal? Four kick-ass women. Strong friendships. Corporate power dressing.


What are your favorite love-centric shows with fashion inspiration? I’d love to know!

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